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A Giveaway With Atelier Sukha (Updated)

I love to decorate, especially with natural fibers like wood, wool, leather and linen. As a lover of Bohemian Style, Botanical Style and the whole Simple Living / Kinfolk  movement, I find a beautiful blend of all three to create a distinct global, yet paired back look that feels closest to the way I'd love to live (add to it, a beachfront house!). Sukha is a famous shop known globally as a must-see destination by decor enthusiasts when visiting Amsterdam, yet I was surprised to learn that their online shop isn't nearly as well known so I thought to team up with them to help them spread the word about their shop. The best way was for me to just open up a flash giveaway on my blog so some lucky person out there could have a chance at winning free beautiful things (your pick up to €150) from their online shop. Then you can bring this handmade, pure and simple style to your home too. AtelierSukha

sukma1To enter*, you need to do the following:

1. Comment below and tell us what you would like to have on the website.

2. Follow and on Instagram.

When a winner is selected, we will verify the above before announcing.

*This giveaway is open to readers located worldwide. €150 approximate $170 USD total value per winner. Do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. Our winner will be ed by email and announced at the bottom of this post. Contest closes on Monday, June 20 at 5pm European Standard Time.

Good luck everyone!

Winner is: . Congratulations!

xo Holly

Light + Airy Basket Lighting From PET Lamp

In addition to my obsession with pillows, chairs and art, I am obsessed with lighting in all it's forms. Candles, pendants, sconces, lamps... That's why when I read about in German magazine , I knew I had to share them with the rest of world who isn't regularly tuning in to German mags. PET Lamp, based in Madrid, reinvent the way baskets are being used - and remakes them into amazing basket lamps that you will swoon for. Check this. petlamps1

Aren't they so light and airy and just drop dead stunning? I have basket lamps in my hallway (not by PET though) and love them. They throw the best patterned shadows onto the walls when illuminated too. Here are some more that caught my eye in different patterns and styles, including the next and final photo as shown in the always-inspiring location of ...







Big love!

Learn more about PET and see their design firm and meet the owner .

(Photos: All: PET, except 2nd and Bottom: )

Rosenthal Hot Spots Colorful Vases

Oh my goodness guys look at these HOT SPOT vases, coming soon from German porcelain giant . Designed by Christine Rathmann, a Frankfurt-based designer, these definitely don't look like anything you've ever seen at Rosenthal. I have many of their vases, both vintage and new, in white and pastel tones but nothing like these... hotspots1

They are stunning but I wouldn't group them together like this. I'd have one in one room and by done with it. Or 3 of the same in 3 different sizes. Or, if I chickened out on the color and went with all white, I'd group 5 on a shelf.


As for the color I prefer, the minty blue yellow one gets my vote. I am not digging the flower arrangement shown above. Maybe they are just being tongue-in-cheek. These beautiful vases are available in 5 colorways and in white. Each is available in 3 sizes.


You can really do up your credenza or cabinet or line them up down the center of a table for your next dinner party (the short ones that come in 16cm would work great for that). In each, you could put a really tight bundle of the same flowers - like white peonies for something classy and elegant, pink peonies for romance, yellow carnations for friendship, or even a plant in each.

Which do you fancy?

(images: Rosenthal)

Happy Wallpaper + Decor From RICE

Can you believe products for the Autumn/Winter season are being introduced already? I can't believe it's already June 1 though, time is flying this year so far. My upcoming trip to Sweden will be here in just three weeks, I can't wait! Do you have any travels scheduled for summer? So let's talk about shopping. Available now in the United States (), in Denmark has just released these Autumn/Winter 2016 collection and I can't wait to share some images to inspire you today. Including their amazing wallpaper. Oh my goodness you will die. wallpaper_rice_cattledogs_06

I love so many of these sweet things, like the RICE party supplies, melamine plates and bowls for kids, and the new RICE wallpaper.... They've collaborated with Eijffinger and have such cute papers for decorating your walls. The founder, Charlotte, happens to be a good friend of mine (her home was in my first book, , which is how we met) and I just love how she evolves the line because it's all so punchy and sweet - there is a lot of freshness to it. Check it out.













FUN LIVING, right? Nice to see some color and crazy once in awhile, isn't it? Beautiful job, Charlotte - you make magic! Always!

(photographs with permission from RICE DK)

Kartell + Nendo For The Nursery

I was reading about the sweetest collaboration this morning over breakfast between Italian design giant and Japanese design firm, , lead by  and I have to share it! I really love what they've done for the modern nursery and toddler room. Look at these sweet stools and rocking horses. Aren't they just the best for a minimalist nursery decor? I particularly liked reading about the design process for the horse, which I've included below straight from Oki Sato himself. Kartell-Final_Presentation

About the rocking horse design, "The steel “H-beams” used in large structures such as skyscrapers and bridges are very strong and highly efficient. In cross-section they are shaped literally like an “H” and it is this characteristic that gives the structure its mechanical strength. By applying this concept directly to a child’s rocking horse, a form has been created that displays both function and strength, even with minimum use of materials. Transforming the use of this practical component into a different use with a sense of playfulness is the design process traceable to the history of the Kartell company. This company began by manufacturing and selling highly functional laboratory equipment and is now engaged in the manufacturing of beautiful plastic furniture and accessories admired around the world." Form and function is, in this case, perfectly married in my eyes.


I love the smile seating shown above too. It's so whimsical and happy! See the tops? HAPPY FACES! Yes! It's like having emoticons under your butt. :) Whenever you see these stools you cannot help but smile.

Both the rocking horse and the seating will be available in January 2017. I just had to share them - super playful and I'd definitely add the seating to Aidan's room in a flash. Anything that makes me smile, I'm in!!!!

Hope all is well...

(, Photography: Kartell)

Lovely Dutch Brand: Marie-Stella-Maris

I was just in the Netherlands this past weekend and came across , a brand based out of Amsterdam that offers a lovely range of home products (candles, fragrance, etc.) along with skin care and gorgeous bottled waters. Their skin care products are supposed to be wonderful; I have to check them out for myself... I love their mission and their product packaging. Archives-MSM-1294x1812-w-768x1075

Flagship store in Amsterdam

"Water, sanitation and hygiene are the basis elements behind Marie-Stella-Maris. To realize access to clean drinking water, it is of great importance to also focus on sanitary services and hygiene. The direct link between clean drinking water and hygiene has inspired Marie-Stella-Maris to introduce natural care products (2014) in addition to their assortment in mineral waters."


Since the brand launched 4 years ago, Marie-Stella-Maris has been able to support eight water projects and help more than 17,000 people gain access to clean drinking water since each product purchased goes to various charities for better water (a percentage).




M2 copy-3002x1501-w-1920x960-1920x960-h-1920x960-1

Marie-Stella-Maris is currently sold in the Netherlands but is coming to Germany & Belgium this year.

You can connect with Marie-Stella-Maris on their IG here:

(Photography with permission from Marie-Stella-Maris)