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Decorate For a Party: Cover Reveal + Pre-Order!

I'm so happy that today I can finally share the name of my next book, my fourth (!), and it's called ! AND.... We have a cover, which I styled and photographed myself. In fact, I took over 100 photos that appear inside of the book, and my co-author Leslie Shewring shot even more along with Janis Nicolay, Holly Marder and Laure Joliet. Girl power for sure! Leslie and I so much fun and loads of help on this project between friends helping us set tables, home owners modeling for photos, friends helping to break down rooms, talented girls doing calligraphy, others running errands, we made huge messes with paper... Our friends appear in this book, my little boy, my home, Leslie's studio, homes in Europe, California and Canada... Here's the cover...

This project means so much to Leslie and I and we are happy to share it with you too. I CANNOT BELIEVE this is happening, another book, and on a topic I'm so passionate about - gathering friends and family at home and how to decorate for your party that is stylish and pretty but not overly time-consuming, very budget-friendly without looking cheesy, and quite easy to pull off.

If there is one thing that drives me crazy, it's having to worry and fuss when I have people over. I want the parties I plan to feel like I went out of my way, so guests feel special, but I don't want them to think I went over-the-top which could intimidate them and make them afraid to invite ME over to their parties in return. I hate doing that - setting a scene so perfectly that people are almost afraid to be themselves and relax. I’ve been working on this book for over a year now with Leslie, we teamed up because she is the queen of entertaining with her annual Christmas parties for 25-30 family members and the many birthday parties and fests she throws throughout the year. I have been throwing parties for as long as I can remember too, so to team up was a lot of fun for us because we love the topic.

The cover is embossed with copper foil lettering and cloth and it's loaded with ideas, full color images, DIY projects, and gorgeous parties that we created and photographed specifically for this book.


The best part is, you can pre-order the book today! It comes out in September in English in both the UK and North America AND in October it will be available in German. More languages will follow in the months to come.

US at Canada at In German at, the title is #decorateforaparty

What do you think about the cover? Are you excited to see inside? I can't wait to show you more in the weeks to come and Leslie and I really hope that you love it.




Faux Tile + Marble Wallpaper

I've been thinking a lot lately about wallpaper that looks like tile or marble. It's been a trend for awhile but often things resonate much later than when the trend hits. Trends aren't always coming at the right moment for me. I often need to let them rest for a bit, observe how they are being used, and then I decide for myself if something trending has legs to stand for a bit longer than a season or two. I want to be more intentional in my shopping decisions and less driven by trend or emotion. wallpapertiles

Let's discuss faux tile wallpaper first... Have you ever thought to use it on stairs, in the kitchen or bath, or perhaps in another room in your home? If not, why? If so, do you have some good resources to share in the comments section of this post? I'm going to share some of mine below in case you would like to try this idea at home.

About the application and use for faux tile, Graham + Brown says, "Tile wallpapers are mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms, as an easy alternative to ceramic tiles. If you have a small room with lots of corners and windows then ceramic tiles can be difficult to apply. Our tiled wallpapers are easy to apply and many provide a splash resistant surface suitable for kitchen and bathroom conditions."

Great option for renters! Honestly though, I'm more keen on the faux tile wallpaper that looks like old Portuguese tile work or something else uniquely European, like floor tiles you may see in or , patterned and definitely not overly modern or clean. Like typical white square tile found in so many rentals.

I also imagine decorative European-inspired tile used on stairs () or perhaps sparingly on a bathroom wall or kitchen backsplash. It would be nice to use it to mimic some of these rooms - the examples below are showing the real deal, ceramic tile, BUT you can imagine using wallpaper tile in the same way, can't you?





Now, let's look at some good examples of faux marble wallpaper. This is extremely interesting because I've never imagined marble on MY walls except for a bit in a kitchen or bath. But even then, I envision a backsplash or marble underfoot. Yet, seeing it in these examples causes me to think more broadly about this application... It's actually quite interesting to behold.





What do you think about this look, faux marble on walls?


Of course, the real deal is always the preference but when renting or on a budget, it's not always possible so you have to find creative ways to still have what you want, just tweaked a bit... And c'mon, how many of us want to invest in real marble from floor to ceiling? It's fun to have creative options.

In my next post today, I want to introduce you to some gorgeous wallpapers from Milan, you will gasp.



PS You may also love this post about other I found in the past.

(Tile photography:  fireplace/, , ,  kitchen)

8 Exotic Wallpapers I Love

Okay onto some very lovely wallpaper patterns from today... I'm a bit into wallpaper at the moment so indulge me please. These are from . I really love how exotic and moody these patterns are. Swoon. wallpaper_milan1




I like these patterns but the leaf print top image to the right, in white and green, speaks to me the most. I imagine it in a very big room with floors and large windows paired with contemporary Danish furnishings. It would be on a focal wall to provide depth and interest to the room, to really draw in the eye. I'd love to bring in some boho vibes too through texture like rattan, macrame and ceramics.

Ciao bella!

Holly x

Tables With Porcelain Legs

I came across this gem of a collection in (France) by Barcelona-based designer and potter, Xavier Mañosa, and just had to share it. His tables are made with oak tops and legs from porcelain and stoneware. Excuse me while I geek out but his work is amazing in my eyes. I love the simplicity, clarity, texture, use of natural elements, and the overall idea of it. Also the colors, wow, great palette right? jara_varela__mg_2439

Xavier is part of Apparatu which is a design studio, pottery workshop and family business which sounds like such a nice place to spend your days as a designer, doesn't it? They work on commission and also develop in-house projects. They also have an .




These tables and ceramics are from the Fang collection offered through .

(Photography: bd Barcelona via )

A Giveaway With Atelier Sukha (Updated)

I love to decorate, especially with natural fibers like wood, wool, leather and linen. As a lover of Bohemian Style, Botanical Style and the whole Simple Living / Kinfolk  movement, I find a beautiful blend of all three to create a distinct global, yet paired back look that feels closest to the way I'd love to live (add to it, a beachfront house!). Sukha is a famous shop known globally as a must-see destination by decor enthusiasts when visiting Amsterdam, yet I was surprised to learn that their online shop isn't nearly as well known so I thought to team up with them to help them spread the word about their shop. The best way was for me to just open up a flash giveaway on my blog so some lucky person out there could have a chance at winning free beautiful things (your pick up to €150) from their online shop. Then you can bring this handmade, pure and simple style to your home too. AtelierSukha

sukma1To enter*, you need to do the following:

1. Comment below and tell us what you would like to have on the website.

2. Follow and on Instagram.

When a winner is selected, we will verify the above before announcing.

*This giveaway is open to readers located worldwide. €150 approximate $170 USD total value per winner. Do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. Our winner will be ed by email and announced at the bottom of this post. Contest closes on Monday, June 20 at 5pm European Standard Time.

Good luck everyone!

Winner is: . Congratulations!

xo Holly

Light + Airy Basket Lighting From PET Lamp

In addition to my obsession with pillows, chairs and art, I am obsessed with lighting in all it's forms. Candles, pendants, sconces, lamps... That's why when I read about in German magazine , I knew I had to share them with the rest of world who isn't regularly tuning in to German mags. PET Lamp, based in Madrid, reinvent the way baskets are being used - and remakes them into amazing basket lamps that you will swoon for. Check this. petlamps1

Aren't they so light and airy and just drop dead stunning? I have basket lamps in my hallway (not by PET though) and love them. They throw the best patterned shadows onto the walls when illuminated too. Here are some more that caught my eye in different patterns and styles, including the next and final photo as shown in the always-inspiring location of ...







Big love!

Learn more about PET and see their design firm and meet the owner .

(Photos: All: PET, except 2nd and Bottom: )