Summer Inspiration For The Home in Peach + Green

I love this fresh, summery palette. Imagine having a summer home on the coast in pale shades of melon, mint and clear blue - that would be heavenly, wouldn't it? I was dreaming of Autumn tones and colors last week but this week, I'm definitely back on summer mode. All I can think about is the beach! Coastal living! Weeee! Anything to get my mind off of all of the violence and the crazy politics, especially in my country at the moment. My goodness, it's definitely draining. So for a moment, I hope that these images inspire you and some of your decorating projects at home as you look at them... And I hope you are having a very nice and happy summer despite this crazy news lately. Stay positive! summerpastels3





I love this palette. In fact, it's the same as my office, the photo with the gladioli in the clear vase was taken by me where I work.

Do you like this palette too?

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Nature-Inspired Wallpaper + Wall Stickers

I'm sorry friends for missing a bit on my blog - I've been enormously busy with my that just wrapped up this week so now my focus can return once again to my blog and new book coming out soon with Leslie Shewring. In fact, the first week of August I will be busy working with Koen to shoot a video trailer for it - it will be my first so I'm trying to think of great ideas, the right setting... So much involved and I'm very excited over it. Today I have a few posts to share, this is the first, it's about some lovely wallpaper and wall stickers from . Sian_3

Look how adorable these are for the little cute girl or boy in your life... Some are even grown up enough to put in your own bedroom...




Or a playroom... A nursery... So many sweet spaces where you could apply Sian's creative papers and stickers. My favorite is the tree and the teepee space. It's something I think my little boy would love.

(Photos with permission from Sian Zeng)

10 Rooms With Plants For Minimalists

Let's talk about plants, baby! I have to admit, the indoor jungle trend is lovely but hasn't (and won't) hit my home anytime soon because I'm a total plant minimalist. I like plants but not enough to follow the trend the way some of my friends have. Is there anyone out there who is also like me? You love plants but not a ton of them? In this post, I'm gonna show you 10 rooms that show you how to bring plants into your home without them running the show. stadthem

1. WINDOWSILL. How simple is this? One barely-there little plant friend on a bedroom windowsill. It's a sweet addition. It is understated. 


2. OFFICE. Here are some nice plants scattered around yet not overgrowing and overtaking the room. 


3. GROUPING. A tiny grouping on a sweet dresser. There but also not there, ya know? 


4. ENTRY. One big plant in a basket near the front door. That's it. Not 30 or 20 or 10. One. Nice. 


5. BATHROOM. One big plant, again, it's the best look for some rooms isn't it? I like this one propped up on a stool near the tub. .

6. LIVING ROOM. On a coffee table, on a windowsill, then repeated in the patterns on the sofa cushions. LIKE this. 

leader_plants 7. BOOKSHELF EDIT. Mingle books with greens. Just don't overdo it.


8. SMALLISH PLANTS. These little guys scattered around are simple and sweet especially since the room is already very natural and minimalist. It works. They look lovely in the room too because of the gorgeous natural light. Small and scattered. 


9. DINING ROOM. Here is that big focal point plant again. I can't get enough, I really like this look of having one big boy stealing the show - it's Magic Mike XXL! .


10. OVER THE TOP. Okay so I have to throw in what I think is over the top to show you a bit of a contrast to the other images... This is too much greenery for me though it's a beautiful styled shot for Inside Out magazine in an article they wrote about plants. I would prefer only the wall plants with one on the table and nothing in the green floor jug... Or the focus being on the tabletop and one plant in the background, minus that trellis thing. THAT SAID, it's still pretty... 

How do you use plants at home if you take a less is more approach to indoor gardening like me?

Let Us Stay Optimistic

Hi friends, sorry I've been missing from the blog but I've been co-teaching our Instagram, Photography and Styling e-course for ... I've not had much extra head space to think about writing here. This week, another teacher leads our classes for the week and I'm off the hook, so I feel like my head is above water so no more absence from me here! And you know, once my little boy is in school, it will be a manageable again to maintain my blog (and everything else) in addition to e-courses, but right now he is home full-time so it's a bit of a struggle! HollyFlowerMarket_debiTreloar

How are you doing? I'm good, just not so happy with the news lately. It's draining to wake up to so much hate and anger on the news, isn't it? When I text my friend after the Nice attack to see if he was okay (he is living in London but is French and so there is always a concern he may be visiting relatives in France) he helped me to regain some perspective. I asked him if he was okay and he said yes, he was in another town celebrating Bastille Day, but not Nice. And then I told him that I thought the attack was horrible and sad and I started to complain a little and he simply said,

"Let us stay optimistic. And enjoy an even better life!"

Maybe when you read that, you can let it sink in a bit.

At first I thought he seemed so incredibly naive! Almost a bit selfish! But then I realized that it's exactly as we should be living, when bad things happen and we were spared, we should consider ourselves to almost have a right to live an even better life because we are still alive. Why should we live in fear, sadness, in an eternal mourning?

One thing the news and internet does is that it stresses us all the F--k out. Of course we hate what's happening globally in politics, gun violence, terrorism, etc. Naturally. And Donald Trump. Oh boy, it's scary as hell.  And to hear about it all day, every day, everything else, well it's stressful. And then there is me, living in northern Germany as an American. So I have equal parts concern over what is happening in Europe and the UK AND in America. Because my family and life is in both. So what happens in America bothers me as much as what happens in Turkey, or in France, which is right over the border, Brexit, etc. It's kinda overwhelmed me lately.

Yet I almost think that the negative forces at work in the world - the many ugly people out there behind all of this sickness and sorrow - are winning BIG TIME when we pay them so much credit for ruining our day, our week, or more: Drying up our spirit of hope. And once we lose hope .... Well, one word for ya.


We are screwed.

In my perspective, my French friend has the right attitude. Sure, you mourn a loss but you have to put everything in perspective. I cried when I thought about the children who were killed in Nice or those who are left without parents and had to see a truck plowing over their family. How can you not feel terrible? Yet, you still have your life to manage and deal with, and that has to come before everything else. Our families need us to be strong, proactive and positive. If we want to fight against something we see as injustice, then take up a stand and actively go out and fight for the rights of the group you want to stand behind. Or put your money into some cause. But complaining endlessly, moping around, saying the world is going to hell... I think it's only going to make everyone's life even less meaningful if we collectively turn into one big depressed lump online. Instead of choosing a victims standpoint, let us stand strong as a victor, united in our belief that things will get better. They always get worse before they get better, right? So maybe that can be the candle, the carrot, the hope that we chase... That better days are ahead.

While I support fully acknowledging loss and suffering, I also support even more fully to live better, do better and to lead by example so others can rise up stronger too. Negativity breeds negatively. Let us spread light, love and promote peace.

I've decided to stay optimistic and maintain hope. I hope you will to.


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Clean, Clear Laid Back Green and Peach Interiors

I'm REALLY feeling this laid back summer home style that's so clear and clean, so coastal, so boho minus the patchouli 60s vibe... It's just great. Breezy, easy, tactile and lots of pretty green tones and shades of pale orange. So summery and just yum. cleanboho








I've been thinking a lot lately when I look at the photos I love, reminding myself to stop and consider WHAT I FEEL when I gaze upon a photo that feels as though it's speaking to me.

  • What is it saying exactly?
  • What do I like about it?
  • How does it make me feel?
  • Do I smell anything?
  • Do I hear a particular song?
  • Or another sound, is there something else coming to my ears when I look at the image?
  • What about the scene is vibing with me, the composition, colors, location?

It's so important to explore the way work we like is REALLY truly impacting us. We are always so quick to say, " This inspires me sooooo much!" or "I love this  photo, pin!!!". But maybe try to think a lot more about what's resonating with you exactly. This is so interesting and it gives you a real sense of self and can help you to tap into your personal style.

Have a nice weekend!

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