Order Now: December Daily Kit Designed By cattledogs!

I'm so excited to share this project with you! Earlier this year, I was asked to design a kit for December Daily 2016 and, given that I love paper products, I was immediately on board! This kit can be used in conjunction with Scrapbooking/Memory/Journaling Binders OR you can order the kit to just own the first ever product with my brand on it, to use on mood boards, to wrap gifts, craft with or anything else you fancy!

Other than my books, I've never created an actual product before so this was very exciting and came so naturally for me, which was an exciting thing to find out - seems over a decade of blogging and seeing/touching products has really soaked in because now I feel like the next step is to continue designing products and see where this world of making can take me. I just want to get my hands and heart into something that lives outside of the web - so much of what I do is virtual, so to hold products in my hands is a very exciting experience for me.


The cattledogs kit is part of a very limited edition, so if you want one, you have to order it as soon as possible. Kits ship worldwide and cost $19.99.

In the kit you get: (4) 6x8 Papers (31) Journal Cards - (6) 4x6 and (25) 3x4 Transparency shapes (2 Sheets) Circle and Arrow Stickers Tube of sequins in black, copper, mint, emerald, pale pink Washi tape strips Wood veneer trees


The story behind my kit: I love Danish design so the playful, geometric patterns are a direct result of what I see coming out of Scandinavia, and the forest behind my house has inspired the nature motifs. I wanted this kit to be light and bright so that when creatives are designing their pages and laying in their photos, it will be their photos that shine and stand out and the designs of my kit will not compete or outshine the photos but rather, make them look even more beautiful. I also made sure the kit wasn't overly Christmas-y since their are so many religions and traditions with the holiday season these days that red and green, Santa and the more traditional aesthetic doesn't fit everyone. Plus, December isn't only about the holiday itself.... It's about gathering family, enjoying snowy walks, extra time playing with your children, sipping hot cocoa, baking, and thinking about the year behind and the year ago - it's a time of reflection, family and love. I selected the words - sparkle, smile, shine, love, twinkle - with my two-year-old son in mind because he has given me such a fresh view of the world through his curious eyes.


before they sell out - once they are gone, that's it - no more kits!

Thank you all so much for your support, love and good energy - I am so proud of this kit, I've had a really hard year and to do something with paper and make a pretty grouping of things that can support you and your creativity makes me so so SO happy. And thank you Ali for having me!!!!

(Photographs + Video: Holly Becker - except flat lay of all products, that photo is by Ali Edwards)

10 Scandinavian Interiors Trends Fall/Winter 2016

For this coming Fall/Winter 2016, I'm seeing so many gorgeous deep colors mixed with brass and copper. Lots of green ranging from emerald to sage and mint. Color on the walls is also back (vs. stark white). You can see some of the trends on the rise in the newest collection of which I'm about to present to you for the first time. These are just fantastic views of what you can expect from Scandinavia this year - I'm seeing velvet, glass, brass/gold, copper, loads of texture and glamour! tinek_05 1. Velvet - Texture is definitely IN!

tinek_01 2. Brass - Tabletops, candle holders, legs on furniture, trims on mirrors

tinek_09 3. Colors of Mint, Eggplant, Indigo, Burgundy, Pale Pink, Emerald Green.

tinek_10 4. Linen - Bedding, pot holders, aprons, napkins, table covers, linen is IN!

tinek_08 5. Tabletop - Big focus on entertaining and tabletop with a simple, uncomplicated look and lots of natural materials, handmade ceramics, glassware...

tinek_02 6. Plants - Greenery is big right now in the home, from the absolute 1970's jungle look to my favorite --the more minimalist approach shown above.

tinek_06 7. Natural materials - lighting, seats, benches in bamboo, cane, rattan...

tinek_04 8. Open shelving - Bookcases without sides are big right now for a light and airy feel.

tinek_03 9. Daybeds and benches - Either are desirable at the moment, in the entryway, bedroom, living room, even in a children's room.

tinek_07 10. Small - Mid scale prints. Big, graphic patterns aren't nearly as popular at the moment as the smaller scale patterns.

Love love love!

What do you like from this list?

(images: tinekhome)

Questions For Massimo Bottura

Hi friends! Later this week I will travel to Berlin to meet , Italian restaurateur and the chef patron of , a three-Michelin-star restaurant based in Modena, Italy that was just named THE in the world. I'm very excited to attend his #RespectFood event and have a chance to interview him for cattledogs - so to all of you out there who love food and his work, do you have any specific questions that you'd like for me to ask him and I will do my best to share his answers with you either on on Friday via my cattledogs page OR next week here on my blog... bottura-casa-5_MGbig


These photos are of his beautiful home with his American wife and business partner, , whom I have a girl crush on after watching her in the Netflix show, , with Massimo. She is such an amazing woman!

Leave your questions in the comments section below please!

(Images: for , Styling: )

Decorate For a Party Book Trailer + Giveaway

In just a little over two weeks, the new cattledogs book launches called [easyazon_link identifier="1910254290" locale="US" tag="cattledogs09-20"]Decorate for a Party: Stylish and Simple Ideas for Meaningful Gatherings[/easyazon_link] published by and we're so excited! To celebrate, we are giving away 5 copies of the new book to 5 lucky readers. I'm really psyched to present the official book trailer video below.

Holly Becker for cattledogs

Holly Becker for cattledogs

To enter the contest: Watch the book trailer and leave a comment telling us about how you imagine the perfect party at home and let us know what you liked about the video too, it would be so nice to hear your response. Make sure you turn on the sound, the music is so beautiful!

As a bonus, you can also enter on our or on my . See those posts there to learn how. You can enter up to three times (once on this blog, once on FB and once on IG).


Video Credits: Videographer + Director: Koen Folkerts,  // Creative Direction + Styling: Holly Becker // Location: , Hannover, Germany Models: Emma Pedersen, Nora Hartmann, Nanna Eriksen // Music: By Film Composer - Isle (Licensed through )

Contest closes on Friday, September 2 at 11:59pm European time.

Available for pre-order now! US:  //  // UK: // Germany:

*Open to readers anywhere in the world, English version only. Please do not leave your email, home address or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. Winners will be announced here on Saturday, September 3rd AND ed by email once comments close. Good luck everyone!

Join Me at Meet The Blogger in Amsterdam!

Two great things to share today... First, ! Next, I feel so good if I just say the word... Suit, Suit, Suitcase! Yes I'm a dork, I know... But I have a lot of travel coming up, including Amsterdam on October 1 for MTB, and I needed luggage so SuitSuit collection in MINT arrived and totally saved the day. Best part... I'll never miss them on the conveyer belt at the airport because they really stand out. And there are three in the collection so I scooped the smallest one up for my little boy so he can travel with a matching bag to mama. At least we'll see how long that lasts until he wants his own with cars and trucks on it. :) suitsuitBlogPost

I have so many nice places to visit this Autumn and Winter, and I may be getting back to America, so I'm really looking forward to being on the road seeing nice people and dear friends to give lectures, sign books and just hang out with cool people that inspire me. I love work travel, it hardly feels like work, so I consider myself very lucky in this regard.

So... Are you going to in Amsterdam on October 1? Please do! I haven't been at an event in years - the last was in London in 2012, so this is a big scary step for me to get back out there into the world of blog conferences, speaking engagements and book events. I'm very excited but definitely have shaky knees. I took time off during my pregnancy and the first few years of being a new mom so I could really stay home with him, write books (I finished two since I was pregnant) and focus on re-launching  and other business-related goals.  I'm glad I did, but now I'm eager to go back out there and meet bloggers and creatives again, see what has changed since I took a leave of absense from it all, and most importantly, to connect and inspire as well as be inspired.

On Saturday, October 1st I will be at Meet The Blogger  at 10:15 am - a 45 minute discussion to include q+a about creating content – photography and words – for social media and publications from the heart and with passion and courage. I have A LOT to share that I've learned in my 10 years of having a career as a blogger and writer, and I promise it will be a discussion like no other because I plan to share my failings and successes and most importantly, help everyone attending to walk away with a lot more than they entered the room with! It's going to be a very intimate discussion, that is my goal at least, so I do hope you will be there.

To please for Saturday which includes my presentation along with a bunch of other speakers and workshops. Tickets are nearly sold out to act fast. You have to join us!




(Photograph: Holly Becker for cattledogs)

Create Your Own Creative Space - But How?

My husband always says I need to work outside of the house with my own studio OR I need to open a big shop. I can't say he's wrong. I have several rooms in our home where I store props, my work, have fixed spaces for workshops and of course, my office... But it's in our home and so I never feel like there is a disconnect from work, ever. I have another office that I use outside of the house where friends work, it's like a shared space where I pop in whenever I need to but only my laptop stays there... The stuff I need to do the more physical part of my job is all at home. light-lab-lounge4

photo: sarah sherman samuel for light lab

Whenever I work on my books (currently, I'm planning my 5th) and shoot for clients, my husband gets stressed because part of the house has days when it turns into a . Last week, several rooms were used for video work so it was upside down again for a few days. As I'm trying to build my business in new ways, I don't see this changing anytime soon.

I know my fellow creative friends like , , , ,  deal with constantly taking their neat creative studios and homes and turn them on their head for shoots and clients... I often wonder how their families deal with it and their colleagues... But more than that, I wonder how to deal with it in my own life -- how I can perhaps find some peace within all of this creative, exciting madness!? Well let me rephrase that... I have plenty of peace with it, but with a little boy and a husband, something has to change when your man isn't enjoying the chaos as much as you do. My toddler stormed into my studio yesterday with a black magic market and immediately grabbed a brand new book and colored all over the cover in mere seconds. It's impossible to work the same way with a little child around, so I have to get a system in place asap.


photo: sarah sherman samuel for light lab

I've been looking for a creative space here in for nearly 6 years, actively for 4 years. Still nothing. I see a separate work space as the only solution - so if you know of anything in Hannover, Germany that I can transform into a large studio space where I can also invite others in to share the space from the time-to-time, please let me know. Because I would love to create my own and have had a business plan in my hand for this idea for years. I want it so badly and I have faith that someday I will get it but until this happens, I need to create realistic, workable ways to deal with my work at home.


photo: sarah sherman samuel for light lab

By the way, you can see more photos of the space shown in this post .

So! Do you have tips and ideas on how to manage working from home - I could use some creative suggestions. Specifically, how do you handle prop storage, and management after you no longer need the props... And how do you handle working at home when you have photo shoots and people coming in and out of the house when you also have a husband and toddler at home? How do you manage it all?

(All photography: Sarah Sherman Samuel)