Micro Trend: Float Frames For Photography + Art

One trend I've spotted lately when it comes to wall art and photo framing is the gorgeous, light and airy-looking . Have you noticed this too? Generally made of acrylic with brass bolts and screws, they are modern and clean -- just perfect for fine art photography, family photos or special documents or keepsakes. I've been spotting them around and noticed that rolled them out in five sizes just this week so I thought to highlight them as I really love this look and they carry them in 12x14, 17x20, 26x26, 24x30, and 30x42. C8e6qnFnMA2LZT9kW9VdiXV_xeRwYGAm87hSHAgE5lc,6sgRaTqJv1vG_BRozwiXNvJnKKl8FP18fbjg6jYpf8g,tRgTpXmV5Od6UE9aFumayzSulaDO4iOmwX1JdKwoYAo



What do you think of this look? I love it - such a nice change from traditional frames.

(Photographs: With permission from Artifact Uprising)

Meet Me In Hamburg This Saturday, 10 September - FeierLaune Buch Party

Hello dear friends. This is a quick post to let you know that on Saturday morning I'm going to be in Hamburg at the for  International Design Fair from 10-11 am to present the German edition of my new book, [easyazon_link identifier="3421040362" locale="DE" tag="cattledogs09-21"]FeierLaune[/easyazon_link], for the first time - it's not even out yet so no one has a copy and won't for a few more weeks! If you'd like to come, we'll be having breakfast and talking about the book and I'll be signing copies and meeting everyone - it will be very nice and my little boy will be with me so he can meet everyone and be at mama's book launch party. I'll also have some time between 11:15-12:30 for interviews if you'd like to meet one on one. Decorate-for-A-Party,-p39,-photography-by-Janis-Nicolay

To register, just use and I'll see you there!

Thank you and Blickfang for hosting this special event in celebration of my 4th book.

(Photograph: for Decorate For a Party)

8 Messages From The World's #1 Chef Massimo Bottura

I just arrived back home after a whirlwind trip to Berlin to interview Massimo Bottura, chef patron of the Michelin three-starred restaurant , who was recently crowned the (as voted by a panel of nearly 1,000 gastronomic experts worldwide) presiding over the #1 restaurant in the world. When I was given this assignment, I viewed it as an honor but also a challenge since the food scene is not entirely on my radar YET I do know about passion, art, culture and the craving one can have from the very core to follow dreams and live their life immersed in what they love. So after seeing Massimo on Netflix ( Episode 1), I felt entirely ready to meet this hugely talented and successful man and experience his passion first hand. meetmassimo

After I arrived at the , I watched a fantastic presentation by Massimo for about his goal to change the way the world looks at food through (his non profit organization) and his collaboration with Grundig for their #RespectFood movement. #RespectFood focuses on how much waste food. That we need to use the leftovers, clean our plate, use what is in our refrigerator and don't let it go to waste, don't put more on our plate that we will eat, have a conscience when it comes to the meal before you, etc. With so many starving in the world and 1.3 billion tons of food being wasted, it's a call to action to put more thought into cooking than just the recipes we make.

Grundig #RespectFood Manifesto 1. Eat Leftovers 2. Know Your Fridge 3. Check The Dates 4. Shop Smart 5. Love Food Hate Waste 6. Take Leftovers Home 7. Use It All 8. Clean Your Plate 9. Eat What You Need

During Massimo's presentation, he jumped in with the chef he originally had there to prepare his recipe for him and instead, he asked us if he could cook while he spoke and of course, the audience didn't object - it was a great privilege to watch him at work - directing the chef while speaking to us and making some jokes along the way. He is focused and intense but also all over the place and very spirited and energetic - you can't predict what will come next, I love it - so it's fun to watch him in his element with pots and pans and delicious aromas filling the air... His energy is contagious and it's obvious that he loves being in the kitchen. We even got to sample his broth with breadcrumbs and parmesan which was light and lovely.

After his presentation, I was ushered into a private area for the press - I was with CNN Turkey, Wallpaper magazine and several members of the British press, and I had 15 minutes to meet Massimo in a small conference room and that is exactly what happened -- and it was an exhilarating ride. After we wrapped up, I asked if he'd like to present in a video a few words from his heart for the cattledogs audience - I told him it could be any message he'd like to send forth, and below, you will find my video of Massimo. But first, here are 8 messages from this famous chef that I had to share from our meeting together...

  1. ON LOVE: When I asked Massimo about his relationship with his American wife, Lara Gilmore, what she brought to their partnering, he immediately said, "Culture, Poetry and Balance. Mi the Italian irrational way of acting with the pragmatic way of an American is the perfect mix." I personally loved hearing this, he is so in love with his wife but also has so much respect for her, it's very touching.
  2. ON RESPONSIBILITY: "Cooking is an act of love but today, cooking is a call to act. Chefs today are much more than their recipes, we can do so much more, we have a responsibility, much more than the sum of the recipes." He is referring here to how much food we waste and how chefs and all of us need to think more about what we are using. He was raised in a culture where you eat the entire animal so to speak, so nothing is wasted, and this is important to him in a world where so many are starving.
  3. ON GETTING YOUR MESSAGE OUT: "You communicate, it is your job, you are writing, you communicate with hundreds of thousands of people. It's you, the press, that is the most important thing, if you evolve, if you transfer these kinds of messages.We (chefs) have so much spotlight that we are moving from us to others so we can do like this repertoire and have the full attention of the people, that's a very good thing." Massimo feels very thankful for the press that he gets now from being the world's #1 chef, not for his own ego, but because now he is able to get bigger, more important news out to the world like his nonprofit, Food For Soul.
  4. ON FUTURE CHEFS: He sees a lot of chefs who think success comes overnight or from winning a contest on television. He believes this is just not the case, "The young generation, they have to know that being a chef takes a very long time. You have to grow like a tree, very very slow with big roots, and then you can shine. But first of all, you have to know everything and then forget about everything, but first you have to know everything and to know everything you have to travel a lot, experience a  lot, you have to do all this."
  5. ON INSPIRATION: "When I watch a movie and go to the movie theater, most of the time, I go and watch the most stupid thing ever but what I need is two hours for me to isolate myself, I don't even know what I watched." He said that is when the ideas come, and we both agreed that isolation can often breed inspiration.
  6. ON MUSIC: "When I leave the restaurant, in my house there is a room, a music room, and this is where I decompress. The music is perfect, most of the time in there especially in the darkness I find a creative earthquake, a very important moment in which I really find myself mi so many different aspects of my passion... Art, music, especially when I'm alone." He mentioned Opera, Pavarotti, Billy Holiday, Led Zeppelin - all great music inspires him.
  7. ON DESIGN: "We grew up with a kind of feeling and passion for design, we waited 6 years for finding the right sofa. I was walking on the streets of New York, and I saw two shadows, two gray chairs and I put them on my shoulder and I walked from mid own to uptown with them on my shoulders and I walked back home... How can you throw away two chairs like that? Now they are in my living room." Massimo is a big fan of recycling and using everything, from food to the objects he uses to decorate his home.
  8. ON PERSEVERANCE: I asked him about the time when he was not the most popular chef in Italy, when reviews were not so positive. I asked him how he pressed forward and stuck to his ideas and he simply said, "I was so sure about what I was doing, it was so clear to me that I was on the right way. For the young chefs if you have a good idea, keep doing it, go ahead, if the idea is really right... you will be recognized."

Here is Massimo with a message for all of you...

* is a non-profit organization founded by chef Massimo Bottura to promote social awareness about food wastage and hunger through a wide range of initiatives in collaboration with chefs, artisans, food suppliers, artists, designers and institutions. You can get involved .

(Photo + Video by Holly Becker for cattledogs)

Blog Book Tour UK: Decorate For a Party

Hello everyone! Today is a very special day because it begins a full two week period of reviews for our new book, Decorate For a Party, by bloggers in mainly the UK with the exception of Avenue Lifestyle since she helped us shoot the book! Each day, for the next two weeks, someone will review the book on their blog. Holly Marder, one of the wonderful photographers who helped and I take photos for the book, kicked off the reviews today on her blog and we are really pleased and happy by what she's said because even though this is my 4th book, each book always feels like the first all over again - the anticipation, the shaking knees, the pounding heart... It's such a rush to see what people think about your projects and ideas once they are out there. Leslie and I really hope that you will enjoy it. IMG_9947

Here is the line-up for the next two weeks if you'd like to follow the reviews, I can't wait to see what each person thinks and what they are responding to from the content and photos.

Monday 5th September - Avenue Lifestyle - Tuesday 6th September - Wednesday 7th September - Thursday 8th September - Friday 9th September -

Monday 12th September - Tuesday 13th September - n Wednesday 14th September - Thursday 15th September - Friday 16th September -



A big thank you to Jessica for planning this blog tour and to all of the bloggers who will do the reviews, thank you so much!

Pre-order your copy here:

USA/CANADA: [easyazon_image align="none" height="500" identifier="1910254290" locale="US" nw="y" src="http://cattledogs.info/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/51qfFO1SSoL-2.jpg" tag="cattledogs09-20" width="421"]

UK: [easyazon_image align="none" height="500" identifier="1910254290" locale="UK" src="http://cattledogs.info/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/51qfFO1SSoL-3.jpg" tag="cattledogs0a-21" width="421"]

German edition: [easyazon_image align="none" height="500" identifier="3421040362" locale="DE" src="http://cattledogs.info/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/51n2B2YUnmGL-1.jpg" tag="cattledogs09-21" width="424"]

Italian and French coming soon!

xo Holly

(photographs Holly Marder)

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Order Now: December Daily Kit Designed By cattledogs!

I'm so excited to share this project with you! Earlier this year, I was asked to design a kit for December Daily 2016 and, given that I love paper products, I was immediately on board! This kit can be used in conjunction with Scrapbooking/Memory/Journaling Binders OR you can order the kit to just own the first ever product with my brand on it, to use on mood boards, to wrap gifts, craft with or anything else you fancy!

Other than my books, I've never created an actual product before so this was very exciting and came so naturally for me, which was an exciting thing to find out - seems over a decade of blogging and seeing/touching products has really soaked in because now I feel like the next step is to continue designing products and see where this world of making can take me. I just want to get my hands and heart into something that lives outside of the web - so much of what I do is virtual, so to hold products in my hands is a very exciting experience for me.


The cattledogs kit is part of a very limited edition, so if you want one, you have to order it as soon as possible. Kits ship worldwide and cost $19.99.

In the kit you get: (4) 6x8 Papers (31) Journal Cards - (6) 4x6 and (25) 3x4 Transparency shapes (2 Sheets) Circle and Arrow Stickers Tube of sequins in black, copper, mint, emerald, pale pink Washi tape strips Wood veneer trees


The story behind my kit: I love Danish design so the playful, geometric patterns are a direct result of what I see coming out of Scandinavia, and the forest behind my house has inspired the nature motifs. I wanted this kit to be light and bright so that when creatives are designing their pages and laying in their photos, it will be their photos that shine and stand out and the designs of my kit will not compete or outshine the photos but rather, make them look even more beautiful. I also made sure the kit wasn't overly Christmas-y since their are so many religions and traditions with the holiday season these days that red and green, Santa and the more traditional aesthetic doesn't fit everyone. Plus, December isn't only about the holiday itself.... It's about gathering family, enjoying snowy walks, extra time playing with your children, sipping hot cocoa, baking, and thinking about the year behind and the year ago - it's a time of reflection, family and love. I selected the words - sparkle, smile, shine, love, twinkle - with my two-year-old son in mind because he has given me such a fresh view of the world through his curious eyes.


before they sell out - once they are gone, that's it - no more kits!

Thank you all so much for your support, love and good energy - I am so proud of this kit, I've had a really hard year and to do something with paper and make a pretty grouping of things that can support you and your creativity makes me so so SO happy. And thank you Ali for having me!!!!

(Photographs + Video: Holly Becker - except flat lay of all products, that photo is by Ali Edwards)

10 Scandinavian Interiors Trends Fall/Winter 2016

For this coming Fall/Winter 2016, I'm seeing so many gorgeous deep colors mixed with brass and copper. Lots of green ranging from emerald to sage and mint. Color on the walls is also back (vs. stark white). You can see some of the trends on the rise in the newest collection of which I'm about to present to you for the first time. These are just fantastic views of what you can expect from Scandinavia this year - I'm seeing velvet, glass, brass/gold, copper, loads of texture and glamour! tinek_05 1. Velvet - Texture is definitely IN!

tinek_01 2. Brass - Tabletops, candle holders, legs on furniture, trims on mirrors

tinek_09 3. Colors of Mint, Eggplant, Indigo, Burgundy, Pale Pink, Emerald Green.

tinek_10 4. Linen - Bedding, pot holders, aprons, napkins, table covers, linen is IN!

tinek_08 5. Tabletop - Big focus on entertaining and tabletop with a simple, uncomplicated look and lots of natural materials, handmade ceramics, glassware...

tinek_02 6. Plants - Greenery is big right now in the home, from the absolute 1970's jungle look to my favorite --the more minimalist approach shown above.

tinek_06 7. Natural materials - lighting, seats, benches in bamboo, cane, rattan...

tinek_04 8. Open shelving - Bookcases without sides are big right now for a light and airy feel.

tinek_03 9. Daybeds and benches - Either are desirable at the moment, in the entryway, bedroom, living room, even in a children's room.

tinek_07 10. Small - Mid scale prints. Big, graphic patterns aren't nearly as popular at the moment as the smaller scale patterns.

Love love love!

What do you like from this list?

(images: tinekhome)