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9 Decorating Ideas From J.Crew Ready-To-Wear

I don't know about you, but I'm currently so inspired by the recent  ready-to-wear show that had social media all a-buzz. Yeah, of course I love that they skipped hiring fashion models to walk their runway using everyday beauties instead... but the clothes. Oh the clothes! Everyone was wearing just the smartest looks in this presentation of beauty - so radiant.


I love the color combinations, the feminine touches, the combination of a beige work shirt with a very sweet pink hand embellished skirt, it's all such a great combination of contrasts -- and I love contrasts in interiors and fashion so much. I have used the olive with pale pink, bright pink and champagne tones in projects before and even in my new book for one of the party scenes; I really love it for interiors so seeing it in fashion gave me goosebumps.

Here are 9 ideas that I had as I looked through these images that you may be able to apply to your home.

  1. Unexpected color scheme. Olive green, champagne, gray, nude and bright pink.

2. Mix materials to add dimension and warmth - cotton, linen, satin, netting, cement, tulle, canvas, leather, metal, wood.


3. Be playful. Pink loves copper. Pink also loves plaid and cargo shorts and cement floors and nautical stripes and big floppy flower brooches and olive satin ponies. See how playful and fun this is?


4. Don't fear a good ruffle and a bright accent - perfect in a space that has a lot of clean lines and is very spare. Adds an element of fun and surprise.


5. Beige is NOT boring. I am so tired of hearing people say that about beige but perhaps vision is needed because beige can be a great base for fun things to happen. Think about your face. Your foundation/skin tone is beige or a tone of beige and then you add shine, sparkle, color, etc. It works. Your face isn't boring! Same with a room with lots of beige. With texture, a variety of tones and mi in a strong navy, some olive and accents of bright pink and orange - well, beige is still the most dominant color in this palette but it comes across as anything but boring now!


6. Dress up the casual with accessories and attention to detail. Jeans with satin heels. A stripe shirt worn off shoulder. A lace up a-line skirt. Wild beautiful hair. A big black flower on a skirt waistband. Ruffles, fringe... A very calm palette with natural materials suddenly feels very new and fresh through a good attention to detail and lovely accessories.


7. Combine "grown up" with sweet. Try to drop the idea that grown up spaces have to be very, well, grown up. Add some sweetness. This salty caramel work shirt with a very sweet and over-the-top skirt creates tension that ends up balancing this look out so well that it matches beautifully.


8. Do use classic prints. Stripes and checks and dots. Classic prints that never go out of style in fashion also look great in the home. I can see this translated into a room scheme or party, can't you? Or a little nursery? Perhaps an office for you or your partner? A three-season-porch? Your beach house?


9. Messy is good. A perfect house with no sign of personality or life is super boring and nowadays, dated too. Update your home by allowing your personality to shine. Those pants and that shirt both look like someone's toddler had fun with a can of white paint. But it's so good looking, right? I mean, I would wear these looks, no problem. So why not add your kids art to frames and put on the wall? Or your own? It doesn't have to be perfect to look good. Notice the shirts have tucked in? This look has been around for a bit, but it has staying power because it looks quirky and cute. The modern woman is WAY to busy to fuss like the ladies from the Mad Men era. Slouchy cushions, a worn leather sofa, handmade elements in the room, and most of all TOTAL ROOM CONFIDENCE. That's how you pull it off. You love your home and well good, who gives a damn what anyone else thinks. And with THAT attitude, everyone magically loves your room. The end. :)

Imagine these outfits as room schemes or as party decor in your home. How would you translate these runway looks into the home?

PS: View the entire ready-to-wear collection on .

(Photos: J.Crew and )

6 Ways To Decorate With Plants

Want to learn 6 great ways to decorate with plants? Before our guest authors share 6 fabulous tips, I simply must tell you about their beautiful new book for plant lovers called (German) and in English,  Who wrote it? Igor Josifovic (from blog) and Judith de Graaff (from ) with photography by and illustrations by  What a great team! This lush, green beauty came about three years after Igor and Judith initially formed their online community, "Urban Jungle Bloggers" with a under the same name. Maybe you've heard of it?


 (the book) is fabulous guide to decorating with plants and the focus is really on the plants - from the best to use to proper care, DIY projects and so much more. If you love plants this book is definitely going to make you smile. I have the English copy and it's a beautiful book filled with green inspo for every corner of your home and office. The 5 European homes inside are so fresh and very natural, not fussy, and don't intimidate - the focus isn't on fashionable high style or over budget decor and properties - it's on the plants and how people use them to create a home filled with the beauty of plant life.


In Urban Jungle, you'll meet the homeowners for each of the five stories who are based in Turkey, France, England, Germany and the Netherlands, and tour their homes to see how they style and live with plants. There are 18 bloggers who also took part in the book sharing their own nooks filled with green style. AND, if that isn't enough, you will also learn all about (and how to care for) Cactus, Succulents, Aloe Vera, Monstera, Oxalis Triangularis, Ficus elastica, Calathea, Palms, Sanservieria and Pilea Peperomiodes under Plant Portraits along with 6 crafty DIY projects and loads of plant styling tips throughout from 18 bloggers who contributed to this book, too.

Here are some of my favorite images from the book with tips on living with plants beneath each from authors, Igor and Judith.


1. Airy and playful: The plant arrangement in the living room of the French blogger and creative professional in Toulouse features a charming Oxalis and Pilea plant in hanging planters among other houseplants in this green corner.


2. Mix your pots. Dutch blogger and vintage expert waters her plants in the hallway. Marij loves to combine vintage plant pots with contemporary versions and adds her own twist with DIY-planters.


3. Across a window.  is the lush plant studio of Istanbul local Fem Güclütürk who runs her plant business close to her home and both, studio and home, boast with an eclectic mix of plants of all kinds and sizes, such as these wonderful hanging plants in her studio. It's a great way to use the vertical space for hanging plants when your room is too small for bigger plants.


5. Mix plants & matching art. In the home office of German blogger in Heidelberg, her style aesthetic mixes Scandinavian influences with ethnic patterns and handcrafted items. Extra visual effect for your plant styling: Match your plant with the adequate botanical illustrations!


6. Go Non-Toxic for the kiddies. The bright kids room at the home of German blogger features among soft toys a few plants too. In kids rooms opt for non-toxic plants without spikes or keep the cacti out of reach of your toddler!


MEET IGOR AND JUDITH: Watch Igor and Judith present their book and do a signing at  on October 1 (tickets ).

Good job Igor and Judith, thank you so much for sending me your book to review and I can't wait to see your presentation at Meet The Blogger!

(Photography: Lina Skukauskė with permission, Book cover photo: Holly Becker for cattledogs)

17 Tips For A Beautiful, Organized Office Space

My friend , who lives in the Netherlands, has such a beautiful home-based office that I thought I'd share a tour of it with you today along with my 17 tips for a beautiful, practical office space that I took from each view of her space. Located on the top floor of her home, this open concept, large loft space is flooded with natural light and as a stylist and photographer, Ms. Marder definitely required this for her work. I visited her here last summer and just loved it! It feels like the best spot to be creative and that is exactly what she uses it for. From her client work to her photography and writing assignments, it's the place where all of her creative ideas see the light of day and where others are born. Would you fancy a look? img_3027

1. Neutral palette - I love how neutral and natural everything looks while also feeling very modern, light and fresh.


2. Lots of pattern - From the weave on the chair seat to the subtle pattern on the cabinet, the herringbone patterned rug, the wood grain on furniture and accessories, the beams in the ceiling, lines in the floorboards, watercolor prints by  that are available at  (I also have these in my home), and the cushion covers (many of which are African Mud Cloth, I get mine on Etsy at and ), there is an abundance of pattern in this room - mostly subtle, but sometimes bold. The mix keeps the room tranquil but still lends a cozy vibe and keeps the space from looking boring which can easily happen in mostly white or neutral rooms.


3. Accent piece/s - This cabinet by is a real stand out piece despite being subtle, it's still very noticeable when you enter the space. It's unique and the minty color is just fabulous combined with those perfect brass handles.


4. Organized - This space has a sense of clarity and openness yet it's not entirely empty - there are things out and displayed yet they are stacked and positioned so neatly and with great care, so you feel more like you have entered a retail space and not so much like the prop space of a stylist where things are constantly being rotated in and out according to her client's orders.


5. Open storage - I really like how Ms. Marder uses every chance to showcase the things she loves and to tuck away the bits she doesn't. These fabrics, some from , are far too pretty to place inside of a cabinet, so she has displayed them on this wooden leaning rack by .


6. Texture - Holly has a nice mix of texture in the space from wood to ceramics and textiles. Some of her ceramics from and just gorgeous. Mi in ceramics always brings in a sense of personality but also warmth, especially pieces that look made by hand versus mass produced and perfect.


7. Lighting - I can't say how much I love how her space is bathed in natural daylight. It's just gorgeous, isn't it? And I love her lamps and pendant lighting too in brass and wood (wood pendant over her round table is by , wall scone by and desk lamp from ). Natural light doesn't always come easily. Sometimes you have to remove a wall, pop in a skylight, remove heavy window treatments opting for lighter ones (i.e. simple roman shade), even install windows or replace old ones with those that allow in more light. There is usually expense involved in making your home light and bright when you aren't blessed with natural light. No matter the expense or hassle though, it's worth it if your mood and work depend on it.

Note: Look at this room before () and (). See what I mean? A white wooden floor bounced the natural light back up and painting the walls made it even brighter so those two tricks really gave the loft an airy, bright mood. Definitely worth the time and expense to renovate.


8. Massive desk area - I have had a full wall with my desk like this for the past 5 years and I honestly could never go back to working on a single desk. I love it so much and I find that most creatives, after they try it, also can't go back to working on a single desk. To spread all of your work out on a surface and be able to stand and move around as you shuffle papers and work - it's great. Add good music to the mix and the basic tools you need to work (printer, computer, paper, etc.) and you've got everything you need.


9. Open Space. When I look at this office, I don't feel like it's packed. I don't feel overwhelmed or stressed. I don't feel like there isn't a way to quickly transform it for a workshop or photo shoot or to welcome a client. It does feel very flexible and open. I like this sense of open space. Everything feels like it can be moved around and used in a new way. Even her desk - nothing except her minty green cabinet is screwed into a wall. Everything else can be moved about so she has total creative freedom here.

Note: You can see how this space has been used in the past for workshops () and ().


10.  Character. This sofa! I really adore this wicker sofa, more than I should because it's a special piece and I'll most likely never be able to find one like it. But I do adore it. And this is what every room needs, those special pieces that only you can have and that are special - you sourced it from a flea market, it was handed down from family, a few pieces that have a story to tell. They add soul.


11.  Fresh Greens - While not the focus in the room, I like how she has added some plants in the space to bring in some natural greenery and life. When it comes to plants, I'm a bit of a minimalist and though jungle fever is trending and I love how it looks in the homes of others, I prefer only a few per room. Same goes for flowers, I like some dotted around a space - mostly those that look fresh picked from an English garden, but I'm also not into perfect arrangements that overtake a space.


12. Mood board. I know everyone organizes their thoughts differently, I admit to using Pinterest more than pinning on my own walls these days, but I still love a nice arrangement of things pinned to a wall near my computer. It gives my eye a place to rest during the day that often centers me and helps clear my mind.


13. Texture. When you have texture, you bring in warmth. The more natural texture (vs man-made cheap synthetics) the better - wood, wool, clay, wicker, straw, cane. It also adds dimension and makes you feel good. Stepping on a soft wooly rug with bare feet is so nice in any season.


14. Pillows. Maybe it's the American in me, but I love throw pillows. Stacked on a cabinet, in a cabinet, positioned nicely on a chair or sofa, on my bed, on the floor - I really enjoy having them in a space - and why not a work space? Sometimes you may need to sit on the floor to work on a project, or you just require an extra one for your back while seated. They add a element of home to what could easily turn into a boring, generic work area, don't you think?


15. Contrast. You always need heathy tension in a room or else it can quickly look to too same-y or boring. This wooden cabinet, because it's so dark and unexpected since it's old and everything else in the room is somewhat new or modern, is just perfect. Because the doors are glass, it's not too heavy looking and it houses fine textiles and pieces worth showcasing.


16. Pretty objects on display. This space definitely has a lot of beautiful objects in it. Even simple pots for plants and baskets for storage, though currently not in use for their intended purpose, look beautiful displayed simply on a bench like this. Some are tempted to store everything behind closed doors if not being used, but often objects that are pretty to look at can make an impact when not tucked away.


17. Styled right. This work room is styled like a store. In fact, when I look at it, I think Ms. Marder has a retail space in her future or an online shop because she has the eye of a shopkeeper for sure. I really love how she folds and drapes and stacks her objects that eventually go out to her design clients. Working daily in a space where such care and love is given to objects can't help but inspire your work!

I have to add that whenever I think about the day when I worked with Holly in this space, I hear the Australian band . Do you know them? It's all I heard when I looked at these photos this morning while writing this post. They're a great band and super nice for listening to while working.

For more resources and ideas of how this space was put together, refer to Avenue Lifestyle .

(Photographs + Styling: With Permission from Holly Marder. Text: Holly Becker)

Micro Trend: Float Frames For Photography + Art

One trend I've spotted lately when it comes to wall art and photo framing is the gorgeous, light and airy-looking . Have you noticed this too? Generally made of acrylic with brass bolts and screws, they are modern and clean -- just perfect for fine art photography, family photos or special documents or keepsakes. I've been spotting them around and noticed that rolled them out in five sizes just this week so I thought to highlight them as I really love this look and they carry them in 12x14, 17x20, 26x26, 24x30, and 30x42. C8e6qnFnMA2LZT9kW9VdiXV_xeRwYGAm87hSHAgE5lc,6sgRaTqJv1vG_BRozwiXNvJnKKl8FP18fbjg6jYpf8g,tRgTpXmV5Od6UE9aFumayzSulaDO4iOmwX1JdKwoYAo



What do you think of this look? I love it - such a nice change from traditional frames.

(Photographs: With permission from Artifact Uprising)

10 Scandinavian Interiors Trends Fall/Winter 2016

For this coming Fall/Winter 2016, I'm seeing so many gorgeous deep colors mixed with brass and copper. Lots of green ranging from emerald to sage and mint. Color on the walls is also back (vs. stark white). You can see some of the trends on the rise in the newest collection of which I'm about to present to you for the first time. These are just fantastic views of what you can expect from Scandinavia this year - I'm seeing velvet, glass, brass/gold, copper, loads of texture and glamour! tinek_05 1. Velvet - Texture is definitely IN!

tinek_01 2. Brass - Tabletops, candle holders, legs on furniture, trims on mirrors

tinek_09 3. Colors of Mint, Eggplant, Indigo, Burgundy, Pale Pink, Emerald Green.

tinek_10 4. Linen - Bedding, pot holders, aprons, napkins, table covers, linen is IN!

tinek_08 5. Tabletop - Big focus on entertaining and tabletop with a simple, uncomplicated look and lots of natural materials, handmade ceramics, glassware...

tinek_02 6. Plants - Greenery is big right now in the home, from the absolute 1970's jungle look to my favorite --the more minimalist approach shown above.

tinek_06 7. Natural materials - lighting, seats, benches in bamboo, cane, rattan...

tinek_04 8. Open shelving - Bookcases without sides are big right now for a light and airy feel.

tinek_03 9. Daybeds and benches - Either are desirable at the moment, in the entryway, bedroom, living room, even in a children's room.

tinek_07 10. Small - Mid scale prints. Big, graphic patterns aren't nearly as popular at the moment as the smaller scale patterns.

Love love love!

What do you like from this list?

(images: tinekhome)

Summer Floral Party Ideas

I don't know about you dear readers, but at the end of July/beginning of August I love to be surrounded by luscious, rich colors and lush flowers! Plenty of those, please! You will find all kinds of roses in full bloom where I live and it is just wonderful to stroll along the flowering gardens and through the local market to check them out. For this month, let's lay a summer table in shades of pink, red and apricot, sip on a berry-infused drink, munch on some bread sticks before lunch is served and enjoy a rela gathering with friends, what do you think?


You might have noticed my preference for small bouquets on the dining table in columns past as they allow guests to see each other, which makes conversation much easier. This time I combined various types of roses with Milfoil, Hydrangea Annabelle and some sprigs of Mint.

When the weather is beautiful I do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and so I prefer quick and easy recipes such as a Raspberry & Plum Secco! All you need is Prosecco, berries or suitable fruits of your choice, a little bit of syrup like raspberry, elderflower or blackcurrant and ice cubes. I also added some thyme and wooden sticks adorned with ribbon flags that I simply tied on.


Below I've included an easy recipe for homemade bread sticks that I found on  Blog, and they are delicious and perfect for a starter to munch on right before you serve your salad and pasta dish.


The crispy sticks taste particularly good when dipped into flavored olive oil. I brought the small pink tins of marjoram olive oil that you see here back home from Cote d'Azur last week and they worked perfectly as small gifts for my guests.

As I am a big fan of paper I often use beautiful wrapping paper as a wall hanging to decorate for a special occasion. My flowery gift paper teamed up with a matching magazine tear showing roses, a welcome message I made using rubber stamps and a simple tassel made of tissue paper and ribbon - my DIY decor idea was ready for the wall. Easy and with little effort!


Maybe you feel like adopting one or another idea from this posting for your summer party. I would be very happy if you did. Have a beautiful summer vacation if you plan to go away soon and if not, simply enjoy a staycation with plenty of (hopefully) sunshiny weeks at home until we meet again here on cattledogs in late summer. All the best, -

(Photos, styling and text: . Editor: Holly Becker)