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Beautiful Ways To Add Fragrance To Any Room

Today the weather went from summer to autumn And I am inspired now by the moody things. Moody light, atmosphere, shadows, dark, a little sexy, romantic. Black lace and cigarettes. Leather. Velvet and wood, candles and the smell of the forest in autumn when the leaves are falling and people have their chimney's on. And so I thought to bring a little bit of my moody mood into these photographs today of the most gorgeous products I recently received, botanical wax curiosities, from the by  and candles with packaging designed by Paris-based artist . peacockperfumerie_06







Do you remember years ago (maybe you were a child) when was all the rage? People had bowls of dried petals and spices all over the house and you could find it in every scent imaginable. Then, it became hugely uncool and most of us wouldn't be caught with a bowl of it in our entryway. That's why we have room sprays, scented candles and incense, right? Now add these botanical wax curiosities to the mix, they are scented and lay discreetly in your room, and give a lovely smell to the entire space. I placed one of the in the hallway and the room smells just gorgeous now.

"Peacock Parfumerie Botanical Wax Curiosities are handmade objects of art. Each figure is carefully filled with real botanicals and perfumed with our botanist fragrances. Lovely displayed on a dresser, bathroom vanity or placed in a drawer to scent delicate underthings."

In addition to the pretty forms and nice, natural scents, the packaging is just gorgeous with a black box and illustrated sleeve. These make for the perfect gift. In fact, I gave the to my dear friend Gabrielle and she has had it for a month now and still raves about how much she loves it.

I also love the with packaging designed by . Cathedral and Apple Tart are my favorites.

Just beautiful, right? Happy Friday everyone!

(Photographs: Holly Becker for cattledogs)

Decorate For a Party + Olive Box!

Great news for those of you who cannot come out to our book events... Leslie and I have partnered with Grace Kang from  in New York City to offer you a very special box-of-the-month on her website! You can order exclusive signed copies of our book (not available anywhere else online) as part of the Lifestyle Box subscription. You can and each month, you will get a beautiful box of goodies but your first book will contain a signed copy of Decorate For a Party from Leslie and I - we hope you love it! imgp2025

Thank you Grace for your support and to all of you who would like a signed copy, remember to order from Olive Box because we won't have signed copies available online elsewhere, only if you come to our in-person events.

Upcoming event locations:

London, 28 September at Anthropologie (, includes a workshop with us!)

Amsterdam, 1 October at Meet The Blogger (, includes a 45 teaching lecture from me!)

Victoria, BC in October, date TBD, with Leslie Shewring

Berlin in November for (date TBD)

Zurich, 26 November at Blickfang (, includes a workshop with me for )

Hannover in December (date TBD)

If you can't make these events above, you can get your signed book copies through Olive Box and she will ship to you right away. xo

(image: olive box)

Order Now: December Daily Kit Designed By cattledogs!

I'm so excited to share this project with you! Earlier this year, I was asked to design a kit for December Daily 2016 and, given that I love paper products, I was immediately on board! This kit can be used in conjunction with Scrapbooking/Memory/Journaling Binders OR you can order the kit to just own the first ever product with my brand on it, to use on mood boards, to wrap gifts, craft with or anything else you fancy!

Other than my books, I've never created an actual product before so this was very exciting and came so naturally for me, which was an exciting thing to find out - seems over a decade of blogging and seeing/touching products has really soaked in because now I feel like the next step is to continue designing products and see where this world of making can take me. I just want to get my hands and heart into something that lives outside of the web - so much of what I do is virtual, so to hold products in my hands is a very exciting experience for me.


The cattledogs kit is part of a very limited edition, so if you want one, you have to order it as soon as possible. Kits ship worldwide and cost $19.99.

In the kit you get: (4) 6x8 Papers (31) Journal Cards - (6) 4x6 and (25) 3x4 Transparency shapes (2 Sheets) Circle and Arrow Stickers Tube of sequins in black, copper, mint, emerald, pale pink Washi tape strips Wood veneer trees


The story behind my kit: I love Danish design so the playful, geometric patterns are a direct result of what I see coming out of Scandinavia, and the forest behind my house has inspired the nature motifs. I wanted this kit to be light and bright so that when creatives are designing their pages and laying in their photos, it will be their photos that shine and stand out and the designs of my kit will not compete or outshine the photos but rather, make them look even more beautiful. I also made sure the kit wasn't overly Christmas-y since their are so many religions and traditions with the holiday season these days that red and green, Santa and the more traditional aesthetic doesn't fit everyone. Plus, December isn't only about the holiday itself.... It's about gathering family, enjoying snowy walks, extra time playing with your children, sipping hot cocoa, baking, and thinking about the year behind and the year ago - it's a time of reflection, family and love. I selected the words - sparkle, smile, shine, love, twinkle - with my two-year-old son in mind because he has given me such a fresh view of the world through his curious eyes.


before they sell out - once they are gone, that's it - no more kits!

Thank you all so much for your support, love and good energy - I am so proud of this kit, I've had a really hard year and to do something with paper and make a pretty grouping of things that can support you and your creativity makes me so so SO happy. And thank you Ali for having me!!!!

(Photographs + Video: Holly Becker - except flat lay of all products, that photo is by Ali Edwards)

Decorate For a Party Book Trailer + Giveaway

In just a little over two weeks, the new cattledogs book launches called [easyazon_link identifier="1910254290" locale="US" tag="cattledogs09-20"]Decorate for a Party: Stylish and Simple Ideas for Meaningful Gatherings[/easyazon_link] published by and we're so excited! To celebrate, we are giving away 5 copies of the new book to 5 lucky readers. I'm really psyched to present the official book trailer video below.

Holly Becker for cattledogs

Holly Becker for cattledogs

To enter the contest: Watch the book trailer and leave a comment telling us about how you imagine the perfect party at home and let us know what you liked about the video too, it would be so nice to hear your response. Make sure you turn on the sound, the music is so beautiful!

As a bonus, you can also enter on our or on my . See those posts there to learn how. You can enter up to three times (once on this blog, once on FB and once on IG).


Video Credits: Videographer + Director: Koen Folkerts,  // Creative Direction + Styling: Holly Becker // Location: , Hannover, Germany Models: Emma Pedersen, Nora Hartmann, Nanna Eriksen // Music: By Film Composer - Isle (Licensed through )

Contest closes on Friday, September 2 at 11:59pm European time.

Available for pre-order now! US:  //  // UK: // Germany:

*Open to readers anywhere in the world, English version only. Please do not leave your email, home address or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. Winners will be announced here on Saturday, September 3rd AND ed by email once comments close. Good luck everyone!

10 Favorite Rug Sources That I Love

I love throw rugs, in fact I have 11 currently but about 10 more in storage. Yeah, it's a little problem, sort of like my chair fetish and problem with indulging in ribbons and paper products and ceramics. Most decor enthusiasts and stylists and decorators and okay, designers and anyone else who is working in a field that involves the home, develops obsessions / fixations on specific things. What is yours? caitlinwilsondesign1

I grew up with wall-to-wall carpet in every home I'd ever lived in until I was 16. Wood floors only arrived to my living space when my parents moved to Boston, to the Swampscott/Marblehead border, and our beachfront home had wooden floors and it was just surreal to me, at sweet 16, to walk on wooden floors. It felt naked, empty, unfinished. I instantly purchased throw rugs for comfort and texture. So many years later, though I love wood, concrete, tile and anything but wall-to-wall carpet, I still prefer the feeling of a soft rug beneath my feet.

Aside from obvious comfort, I also love how they ground the room and in larger rooms, help to define spaces. For instance, a living/dining room combo in a loft can become two rooms without the expense of addition of walls - just add a large area rug beneath your dining table and chairs and a second rug beneath your sofa and seating area to define each "room". Rugs are really good like that.

If you have wall-to-wall carpet, lots of people still insist on throw rugs to add another layer of comfort but even more, to bring in color and pattern. Some renters have wall-to-wall and don't like it so by adding an area rug they are able to inject some color and a more personal touch to their rental home.


GG-Office-Edited-01061-e1435258253139 View More:

Where do I buy rugs? I'll list my most recent suppliers below, my current top 10. Some are in Germany or Denmark but most are available and/or based in the USA. I also have a new source that I'm loving that I found while perusing Pinterest this morning, an interiors brand called . LOVE. I really want one of CWD's rugs now and am trying to figure out which one and how I'm going to make this happen. I've sprinkled this post with great rugs from their website - fantastic patterns, right!?


Okay so here are my 10 Great Rug Sources at the moment. 1 /  - Modern, feminine, eclectic, they have it all. 2 /  - More traditional, very well made. 3 /  - They stock many brands from all over Europe, not a lot of rugs in their catalog but what they do carry are really good 4 /  - I love buying and/or drooling at their carpets. When in NYC, I always visit their store to see what's new. They always stock the freshest finds. 5 /  - Danish firm with nice rugs that are geometric, hand woven, and very affordable. 6 /  - Australian firm that has dealers in Europe and now, an American showroom. I love their rugs, I have 3 and find them just wonderful and so natural. 7 /  - They have lots of rugs from Morocco that are quite colorful and fun. 8 /  - More trend-driven rugs, very nice, great quality, love this resource for not only price but selection. 9 /  - I love this Etsy dealer who lives in Morocco and has the best vintage rugs ever. Affordable too and she ships globally. 10 / and...  - Fun colors and patterns, glamorous, girly and preppy.

I also have a little bonus for you today. Have you ever wondered about rug sizing and placement by room? Caitlin Wilson Design has a very informative post on their blog about this with illustrations for living, dining and bedroom.

Where do you get YOUR rugs?

(Photography: Caitlin Wilson Design)

12 Dorm Room + Small Space Decorating Finds

If this post had a hashtag, it would be #dormgoals or #smallspacegoals because this is exactly how I see it - imagine going back to school and decorating your dorm or apartment with these 12 beautiful things!? And a big BY THE WAY.... I clearly remember the good old days of blogging when you'd post something like, "10 things I love from Urban Outfitters" and it wasn't sponsored nor did UO give you a single product in exchange for the post. I miss those days because everything on blogs, and now even Instagram, is sponsored and it sort of makes me think that people don't really blog anymore unless there is some kind of cash incentive in it or something where they can get a kick back. Well, in honor of the good old days, this post (like most all of my posts) is not sponsored and I get nothing from it except that I hope you will pin stuff and share it and maybe you will like my finds. I want most of these things and I'm wayyyy past college years - especially the string clip lights - how cute and original. So... check out my 12 picks and see what you like...

37243706_028_d 1. , $20

UO_bed 2. , $159 available in 5 colorways




3. , $149


4. , available in two colors, $130


5. , available in 2 colors, $129

34905489_010_b 6. , $28 + 20% off for a limited time

28375079_011_b 7. , available in 2 colors and 3 sizes, $89-110

39339296_010_d 8. , $12 ( is $30)

35312701_007_b 9. , $6

37749009_040_b 10. , $39

39402789_046_b 11. , $14 each

35783802_027_e 12. , $32 each

Don't you love these things? I do!!! Makes me want to go shopping. :) #UOoncampus

(photography: Urban Outfitters)