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HAY Designs for IKEA (and so will BYREDO!)

Esteemed Danish brand is on the brink of rolling out a very much-anticipated collection for IKEA called and I can't wait to see it in the flesh at my local . Until then, we can all drool over the sneak peeks they've sent to the press for a glimpse of what we can expect in stores this October.


Lovely, isn't it? I can't wait to see the entire collection. I anticipate it will sell out quickly!

With 72 pieces in the YPPERLIG collection, it's clearly clean minimalism and technical innovation meets perfect editing. Shelving, mirrors, day beds, sofas, candle holders, cushions, even an updated version of the big blue IKEA shopper bag.

And did you also hear that IKEA has teamed up with Ben Gorham, founder of Stockholm-based perfumery ? Oh yes. They are hush hush about exactly what they are developing together for the home, but they do tease that it's scented... Let's hope candles! Please! More on that collaboration e.

(Images: IKEA)


Skagerak Furniture Nominated For 5 German Design Awards!

Do you know about ? If you live in Europe, I'm sure you've heard of them by now as they are making quite a big splash in the world of design over here. They're a family-owned Danish brand that designs and makes furniture for the home and patio along with beautiful interiors objects.

I have their in my home and just love it - my guests always comment on how good looking my bookcase is. When I had my own cattledogs booth earlier this year at the imm Cologne, I used their in blue which my visitors loved along with many of their accessories that I styled into the rooms I'd created there. As a fan of this brand, I was excited to read this morning that they've been nominated for 5 ! What a high honor this is.

DO Shelf System

DO Shelf System

Would you like to see some of my favorite pieces styled and arranged in beautiful spaces this morning? Then you can also dream alongside of me to own a cottage by the sea outfitted with these lovely things? I love their STORIES catalog, photographed on the island of Gotland in Sweden. I was in Gotland a year ago for midsommer and loved it (remember?) so this catalog really touched my heart since that was such a special place for me.




Honestly, their collection is tops in my book. One of my dearest friends , a Creative Director and Stylist based in London, frequently styles campaigns for companies (like ) but also is a regular contributor to and I'll never forget a term she coined called "Scandinese". It's Scandinavian meets Japanese style and when I see Skagerak, I see Scandinese so clearly. It really does feel like the perfect edit. East meets West.

In German-speaking Europe, please Morten and Tinna Pedersen from for more information, or to shop online try my friends at in Hamburg or in Hannover.

Have a lovely day, I'll be back with a home tour in Paris!

(Images: Skagerak)



Liberty For Anthropologie - Stunning New Home Collection!

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know I'm a big fan of in London, in fact I launched my first book there 6 years ago. This iconic British brand has partnered with (another company that has hosted my book launches and tour - what a coincidence!), to create a collection of and it's stunning. Take a look.

This 40-piece selection features 18 of Liberty of London’s heritage vintage prints, and encompasses many different aspects of home decor including kitchen items, bedding, wallpaper, cutlery and more.

My favorite has to be the  Feather Fan Edlyn bed  shown above. And the candles below. I also love the  Strawberry Thief Rivona chair .

My favorite has to be the shown above. And the candles below. I also love the .


Anthropologie and Liberty are just the perfect partners. I remember walking through Liberty thinking that I wish they'd work with Anthro on a home line, I could really envision their products being used in a different and fresh new way. Did you also imagine this pairing? It's so good to see it happening outside of my imagination. I love what they've done, everything shown above is just dreamy, don't you think?

And speaking of dreamy, has the strongest home collection yet. They've really expanded their home offerings but even more, the styling is fresher and lighter and I simply adore their palette, patterns and textures. They've really revamped their home collection and I just love it.

I can't wait to go to London in the Fall to visit both Anthropologie and Liberty stores again - two of the most inspiring shops in London for me.

Anything you see that you'd love to own?

(Photography: Anthropologie US)

Austere + Delightful: Menu Furniture + Accessories

is a sought-after Danish design company producing some of the best furniture, lighting and accessories in the world, a firm I've long loved and respected. I own some of their things, namely the in oak, , , in white, in white and the in black, which I've collected throughout the years to give my home even more of a Scandinavian touch.


Menu has released new items for the Fall/Winter season under the name, Portraits. You can view the 59-page catalog . My favorite from the new collection is most definitely the Eave Modular Sofa. I've been thinking a lot over the past two years to purchase a sectional sofa that is modular and Eave is one I have my eye on. When I go to the big European design fairs over the next 6-7 months, I'll be on the prowl for the Menu booth so I can try out the Eave in person because if it's comfortable, I'll be even that more tempted!

First in this post, I'm showcasing a restaurant in Copenhagen designed largely using Menu products. It's called , and it's beautiful. I love the simplicity and how character is still infused in the space despite how austere it is. It's also quite fascinating to see an Italian resturant in a very Danish style. What a gorgeous balance and lesson in editing but also that you don't have to go with set themes when choosing decor for commercial spaces.

ITALY Restaurant in Copenhagen

Next, I'd like to present a fabulous round-up below of some of my favorite products from to inspire you and your home decor. The second image shows their new Eave Modular Sofa. Many of their products would work in an array of home styles, their versatility to me is one of the biggest selling points. Even if your home is not in a Nordic style, their pieces would work so nicely. In fact, I enjoy seeing minimalist, clean styles of furniture and accessories mixed into a home that is more romantic, or traditional... This can add healthy tension making the home even more pleasing to the eye and senses.

Whenever your eye looks at anything, it automatically is drawn to what is different, so if your space is quite Coastal or Country or even Glamorous, a very minimalist piece inserted somewhere can create some sparks because it's unexpected but often a welcome change. It throws off the eye for a moment, you step back and think, "Okay, hmmm, yeah that works!". I find that most people are really enchanted by homes that have personality and spirit, objects that make them pause, rooms they make you feel hugged just by being there.


I hope you have enjoyed my presentation of inspiring objects and spaces from Menu today. It's nice to drift off into a design dreamland for a moment, isn't it? I like to imagine some of these items in my home and I think about where I'd place them and how I'd use them. I'm always dreaming up a new scheme for my home, I feel as though I could never just decorate and be finished - decorating is an ongoing art project for me, a never ending opportunity to showcase what I care about and an exercise in creativity and also editing, for me. Editing is something I'm currently exploring more than ever. I don't mean storing or throwing things away, I am referring to the display of objects. When do you pull back and say, "Okay, enough!". This is what is the difference, to me, between a professional well-trained stylist and an newbie - how well they edit, when they stop, when they accept the job as complete.

My very best wishes to you for a beautiful, sunny weekend!

(Photography: All by Menu except photo with the "Europe" poster, that one is my own.)

French Design by Harto

I first found out about French interiors brand at the imm Cologne fair in January (remember, I had a booth at the fair!) and thought they had a really unique and quirky style. Their design is fun and definitely very inline with their style sensibility - and I like that, it's not exactly like everything out there yet it still manages to feel very current. I thought I'd give you a little introduction today to Harto by way of some beautiful photos that you may enjoy or want to pin to your Pinterest account. Here are a few of my favorite things from Harto that you may love, too.


I love the shown above and the mirrors, in fact especially the . I have three of them that I will put in my bedroom as soon as I finish redecorating it. I'll show you how the room comes out in a post at a later date - most likely September when I'm back from Helsinki.

In addition, I also am a fan of the Harto Leon because they strangely remind me of paint lids and I've always loved the insides of paint lids. I wouldn't mind having a set of these for my dresser to place my jewelry.

What do you think about Harto? I am impressed by their quality and style. It's nice to see a company creating furniture with a Scandinavian flair but still retains it's own style - so when you see a Harto product you may assume it's Danish but after second glance, you think, "What a minute, this style is much more curvy and humorous than what I see coming out of Denmark. There must be a French designer behind the scenes!" But seriously, I thought that when I saw their brand at first. I wondered if it could be Danish but then I thought it had to be French because of the playfulness. I love that about French design - from fashion to interiors - it's a serious face with a slight smirk. ;)

(images: with permission from harto)


Boho Style Home Accessories You'll Love

Hello everyone - I hope you are doing great! You may have noticed something different when you visited the blog today - it's all new! We have a brand new cattledogs with lots of content living on the front page now that is not only very visually rich, but helps you to navigate the site better. I'll detail in a later post about why we changed platforms, the experience of moving 11 years worth of blog content over, and lots of other details that may interest you. But first, let's talk about this lovely little company I found in Scotland called .

Bohemia was founded by Jenny Lockton over a decade ago after she'd spent years working globally with artisans. Combined with her excellent design eye and love for quality, Bohemia Design was launched in 2006 so she could collaborate fairly with these artists and designers while also serving her clients with only the best products for the interior, as well as some fashion accessories.

About their small company based in Edinburgh, Jenny says, "We design unique collections of fashion and home accessories and work in ethical partnership with artisans in Morocco, India and Turkey to produce contemporary handcrafted goods with an authentic soul."


I recently had a chance to obtain some products from Jenny's company for review under the agreement that if I loved them, I could review them on my Instagram (and keep them). If I didn't, no worries, I would return them and never share on my social sites. Well, I liked what came in the post so much that I decided to review on my blog and Instagram because if you love Boho Style, you need to know about this shop.

First let me say that good quality is not so hard to find, but superior quality is. There are tons of shops selling Moroccan leather pouffes and slippers so I was hoping that Bohemia Design was a step high above the rest because the last thing we need is more of the same.

Happy to say, when the in soft pink, the and the arrived, I was overjoyed. The pouffe (I ordered two for my living room) is my favorite - the leather smells so good and nothing like the smell of the ones I've sourced in the past where the leather was such poor quality that the smell of it was horrible. I ordered pouffes from Egypt once on eBay in 2007 and they made my house stink so bad for so many months (I was waiting for the smell to go away, it never did) that I had to throw them away. 

Another important point about the pouffe is the color. I opted for the soft pink which is the prettiest pale pinky peach ever. I've never seen a pink pouffe in this exact share. I'm very particular when it comes to pink. You must know what I mean. It's one of those colors that can go wrong in the home very easily (outside of kid's room decor). This pink is just gorgeous.

Needless to add, but happy to say so again, I really love Bohemia Design and their products. Jenny was so nice to email and so friendly. Their is loaded with fashion and home accessories so you really should check them out. Maybe you'll want a pouffe like mine, too.

(Images: Bohemia Design)