Renovated French Chateau For Green + Plant Lovers

I've been wanting to share this home tour from France with you all week! Yesterday, I shared a small family apartment in Paris but today, we are traveling back to France to see a renovated chateau in gorgeous greens that you are going to absolutely fall in love with. I found Interior Stylist and Event Planner Isabelle Dubois-Dumée, on Instagram who has a shop I follow called - and now you get to see her fabulous which is about 2 hrs and 30 minutes outside of Paris in Dirac, France. Do you know her and online store, too? Oh, it's so dreamy - you'll love it.



I was so happy to see that Isabelle and her partner run a food truck service too. You can see more of it . I need to take a drive over to France to check this out next time they have an event. It looks dreamy and so inviting. Isabelle's life looks so enchanting, what I think we all aspire to live like - in beautiful surroundings doing what we love. Isn't that the best life to live?

(Photos: Isabelle Dubois-Dumée and )


New Fall/Winter 2017 Ferm Living Collection

I really love being an American in Europe, because I get to be your scout and source for European trends and design. I plan to show you much more of what's what in Europe in the months to come, as I have plans for cattledogs to showcase even more of what you want to see from Europe. This morning, I want to show you inside of the newest collection from (also available in the USA) as they just released these images last night to the press. This may be your first view, so please pay attention because you're going to be totally inspired by the new Ferm Living collection. I'm including some pieces from Ferm Living Kids too.



By merging the essence of a graphic Nordic design identity with an allure of understated sophistication we have created a vibrant and bold collection in which the richness of materials, volume and textures finds its balance among clean shapes and soft lines.
— Ferm Living

When I was in Milan this past April, I felt like many of the colors and patterns I saw would start to creep into interiors trends and so far, my predictions were correct. Milan Design Week inspired so many designers, and I'm so glad that it did because I loved what I saw in Milan. If you missed my trend post from the work I did for in Milan, you can read the entire report here.

This collection from Ferm is beautiful and I can't wait to see it in person in the upcoming months as I start to visit the top European design fairs. I'll definitely keep you posted both here on cattledogs and over on my Instagram @cattledogs during my travels.

Happy Friday!

(Images: With permission from Ferm Living)

Fantastic Family Apartment In Paris

Hi friends, how are you today? I can't take my eyes off of this fabulous little Parisian apartment. It's so quirky, creative and perfectly edited - not over-decorated and not too minimal. You must check it out!

The owner is Architect and Designer who has worked on projects for , , a private mansion for and the restaurant. He has also worked on his own furniture design and interior architecture projects throughout the years. When you see his family home, which he shares with his wife and 3 children, you can instantly spot something special. It's truly a one-of-a-kind tree loft, a thoughtful nest, that will leave you inspired and with a smile.

I love the kitchen contained inside of a metal greenhouse. I had this same idea for my imm cattledogs booth last January but the fair couldn't budget the project. I had thought to put the dining room inside of a white wooden frame with sheer white linen panels on the top (instead of glass) and a concrete floor with a white painted-on rug that I would have done myself. One day, I hope to execute my vision at a show or fair. Would be fabulous, don't you think?


I really like this space with it's palette of black, white, gray and various tones of yellow. It really feels like home. I also like the idea of wall lighting near the bed vs. traditional table lamps - especially since I'm looking for new bedside lighting but can't seem to find the right lamps... Perhaps a wall light is the direction I should be going.

In this space, I also like the tree in the loft area - I assume it's real but one can never tell with so many great faux options out there. In any regards, it's still fantastic and fun. The lighting above the dining room table is also fantastic - do you recognize it? I've never seen it before and am curious as to who designed it.

Another fantastic decor idea from this home that I took away is how nothing in the loft area is installed on the wall - all of the art is learning on a ledge. This is something I may need to apply to my home because I truly get bored with the same art and, depending on the season, enjoy swapping pictures and paintings in and out. I have so many pieces but not enough walls, so I always have at least 20 pieces leaning against the wall in my storage area. I have art installed directly onto the wall (gallery wall style) but this is limiting to me personally because you really can't just swap pieces in and out as the size has to be right for your replacement piece and since it needs to fit everything around it. This holds me back at times from being creative with my arrangements - I hate to butcher my walls with more nails and holes. My walls are 115+ years old, the materials inside of the wall are not modern enough to support lots of holes and putty. Perhaps I need to finally hang the picture ledges I have and try something more in line with we see in this lovely home tour.

Hope you are having a good week and that visiting cattledogs today inspired you in some way. See you again tomorrow and if you liked this post, please share it or pin to Pinterest.



HAY Designs for IKEA (and so will BYREDO!)

Esteemed Danish brand is on the brink of rolling out a very much-anticipated collection for IKEA called and I can't wait to see it in the flesh at my local . Until then, we can all drool over the sneak peeks they've sent to the press for a glimpse of what we can expect in stores this October.


Lovely, isn't it? I can't wait to see the entire collection. I anticipate it will sell out quickly!

With 72 pieces in the YPPERLIG collection, it's clearly clean minimalism and technical innovation meets perfect editing. Shelving, mirrors, day beds, sofas, candle holders, cushions, even an updated version of the big blue IKEA shopper bag.

And did you also hear that IKEA has teamed up with Ben Gorham, founder of Stockholm-based perfumery ? Oh yes. They are hush hush about exactly what they are developing together for the home, but they do tease that it's scented... Let's hope candles! Please! More on that collaboration e.

(Images: IKEA)


Skagerak Furniture Nominated For 5 German Design Awards!

Do you know about ? If you live in Europe, I'm sure you've heard of them by now as they are making quite a big splash in the world of design over here. They're a family-owned Danish brand that designs and makes furniture for the home and patio along with beautiful interiors objects.

I have their in my home and just love it - my guests always comment on how good looking my bookcase is. When I had my own cattledogs booth earlier this year at the imm Cologne, I used their in blue which my visitors loved along with many of their accessories that I styled into the rooms I'd created there. As a fan of this brand, I was excited to read this morning that they've been nominated for 5 ! What a high honor this is.

DO Shelf System

DO Shelf System

Would you like to see some of my favorite pieces styled and arranged in beautiful spaces this morning? Then you can also dream alongside of me to own a cottage by the sea outfitted with these lovely things? I love their STORIES catalog, photographed on the island of Gotland in Sweden. I was in Gotland a year ago for midsommer and loved it (remember?) so this catalog really touched my heart since that was such a special place for me.




Honestly, their collection is tops in my book. One of my dearest friends , a Creative Director and Stylist based in London, frequently styles campaigns for companies (like ) but also is a regular contributor to and I'll never forget a term she coined called "Scandinese". It's Scandinavian meets Japanese style and when I see Skagerak, I see Scandinese so clearly. It really does feel like the perfect edit. East meets West.

In German-speaking Europe, please Morten and Tinna Pedersen from for more information, or to shop online try my friends at in Hamburg or in Hannover.

Have a lovely day, I'll be back with a home tour in Paris!

(Images: Skagerak)



Happy Colorful Loft With Vintage Flair

Hello friends and happy Monday to you! I came across this whimsical paradise recently and had to share it with you because it really struck me as being so personal and original. And the colors! Don't get me started! I love this loft, it's openness, bright sunny spaces, fantastic vibe. In fact, I think it's a great way to begin a new week, so let's look at this colorful loft with vintage flair together, shall we?



This artistic loft is a 1100 square meter space, a former repair garage, transformed into a home and work space for Petra Janssen and Edwin Vollebergh, founders of Dutch graphic design company . They live with their teenage sons in this home nearby to Amsterdam.

What a creative duo! And have you seen some of their work with ixxi? to check out their deliciously colorful patterns for the wall - you will love them!

Oh, and look at this beautiful restaurant (click for photos) Studio Boot designed in the Netherlands, it's pink and fantastic.

They've also recently collaborated on a very meaningful project with other Dutch designers and they've called it . About Social Label, "Social label is a new concept for work and daily activities for people with a ‘distance to the labour market’. Art and care are combined in this initiative in order to create new product lines. In each of the lines the social welfare workers will have an exclusive bond with a renowned designer. The designer enlarges his or her portfolio with a very special cooperation, moving a value based approach centre stage addressing human dignity, slow design, attention and time. These products will be produced, presented and sold by workers in different social workforce centers. See also the products in the ."

I hope you've enjoyed seeing this inspiring space today.

Photos Via: , ixxi and Social Label