10 Lovely Decorating Tips From Haymarket Stockholm

Today I have 10 lovely decorating tips from my recent visit to Haymarket in Stockholm and I can't wait to share them with you.

Haymarket Stockholm

Haymarket which uses the English translation of "Hötorget", is the first signature hotel by the and today, you're going to check out their lovely cafe, Greta’s, and their restaurant, American, with me and see some decorating ideas that I found just by spending time in these spaces.

But first, a little history...

is a hotel situated in Hötorget square, a popular downtown marketplace that has been in operation since the 1600’s. It isn’t just a hotel for international guests though; it’s a destination for many Stockholm locals to meet for lunch or for an aperitif after work.

The building once housed the fashionable and iconic PUB department store, where one of Sweden’s biggest Hollywood exports, Greta Garbo, began her career in the millinery department. The hotel restored the building’s historic art deco details with a nod to the history and glamour of the roaring twenties, yet giving it just enough of a modern twist. 

Whenever I’m in the area, I pop into the hotel’s café, Greta’s, (named after the one and only) for . They’ve decorated it with that winning combination of pink and green and just the right amount of gold accents. While millennial pink is certainly the color of the moment, their use of it has a classic edge that will no doubt stand the test of time. The cane chairs give a laid back vibe to the space and are set off with luxurious peacock cushions. I would never imagine using that combination until I saw it here and now if the opportunity arose, I might have to borrow the look too (wink).

While I’ve been known to enjoy a glass or two of champagne with friends at Greta’s, the place to go to for a touch of glamour and a good cocktail, is the bar, American, which overlooks the square’s marketplace. You feel the opulence the moment you enter. You’re greeted with h velvet sofas in hues of moody blues and burgundies and brass art deco ornamental wall paneling. My all time favorite here is the statement black lamp. It just breathes luxury.  

The exquisite décor is a huge draw for me, and each time I visit, I soak up so much interior inspiration and I’m sure that you will too.

Would you like to take a look and to gather some decor tips for your home? Here are my 10 tips:

Haymarket Stockholm

TIP 1: Ceilings needn’t always be discreet. Here the color scheme and mood of the room continues above, for a sweeping and dramatic effect.

Haymarket Stockholm

TIP 2: By adding darker bar stools, the somewhat pretty room is finished feeling more grown up.

Haymarket Stockholm

TIP 3: The rattan chairs give a laid back vibe to the space and are set off with peacock cushions.

Haymarket Stockholm

TIP 4: Place fluffy feathers in a vase for a nice twist on flowers.

Haymarket Stockholm

TIP 5: Patterned floor tiles lend an extra wow factor to a room.

Haymarket Stockholm

TIP 6: Mirrors are the oldest design trick in the book but work beautifully to reflect natural light from the large windows and play with the eye making a room seem to go on and on....

Haymarket Stockholm

TIP 7: Table lamps add to the ambience of a room but can also be the perfect standalone statement piece, like this Atollo lamp in black.

Haymarket Stockholm

TIP 8: Velvet sofas are soft and inviting but it’s not always possible to buy a new sofa, or to reupholster your current one. Why not borrow from the look by mi in velvet cushions to your current sofa to add a sumptuous feel?

Haymarket Stockholm

TIP 9: Plants bring the outdoors in and also visually fill boring corners and hide things like ugly outlets or your wifi router.

Haymarket Stockholm

TIP 10: Art Deco geometric patterns look striking when carried throughout a room like the designers have done here with the rug and screen.

If you find yourself in Stockholm, a visit to Haymarket is something you must tick off your list of things to do and see. Perhaps you could pop in for a dinner and drink after enjoying a performance at Stockholm’s famous concert house, which is just opposite. Or for something really special, treat yourself and stay as a guest. Either way, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Have you found any decorating ideas here at that you love?

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New From The Rug Company + Our Workshop In Hamburg November 25th

Meet the interiors dream team! Do you want to see what is up to at the moment and who they've partnered with? Of course you do! The Complementary Colour Collection between y and , is a stunning collaboration and I can't wait to share photos with you along with their official video.

Portland Pink, Silk Border

Portland Pink, Silk Border

Personal thoughts

I've grown very close to each brand and in December, I'll be in London to meet with Christopher Sharp, the founder of , to deepen my relationship with them further. I've had a relationship with also for several years starting out as the F&B brand ambassador in Germany over 5 years ago.

I value the work that I do for companies that I have long enjoyed and used (or suggested the products of) for over a decade and I like to bring those brands to you because I live with them each day in my home. Nearly all of my walls are painted with paints, I have their wallpaper in my living room, and I've shown rugs from in many homes throughout my books for years, suggested them to clients, and have personally experienced them and find the quality and craftsmanship exceptional.

Why this is so special

This collaboration between two interior powerhouses is so interesting to me because I've long loved the colors of paint and wallpaper but never imagined taking the colors from the walls to the floors - but now you can! And it's fabulous! After the rugs released in this collection, I was astounded and loved the idea so much and wondered why I'd not thought of it before myself. Seeing the rugs coordinating so nicely with so many colors from F&B is quite inspiring. I can imagine a lot of customers really loving this team up!

Holland Stone, Silk Border

Holland Stone, Silk Border

12 COLORS and 3 textures

Each hand-loom rug is available in 12 colorways: Order Grey, Sam's Stone, Portland Pink, Holland Stone, Wizlet, Wooster, Melrose Yellow, Kent Green, Claredon, Lots Blue, Keepers Red and Princedale Pale, and in 3 textures: plain wool, silk border and cut & loop stripe. Each example of these textures are shown throughout this post.


My favorite colors are , and . All three would work in my home - the yellow fitting perfectly in the bedroom of my little boy Aidan.

Silk Border Close-up

Silk Border Close-up


The colors are meant to effortlessly blend with one of the six neutral groups of the eco-friendly F&B paint collections - one accent and one nutral colorway. For instance, on the , you can pick the rug color that you like (for instance, ), click on it, and then scroll down to see that it complements neutral paint colors All White, Strong White, Skimming Stone and Elephant's Breath (along with showing those exact paint swatches and listing the paint number so you can order them from if you choose). How brilliant is that?

Wooster, Cut loop

Wooster, Cut loop


I really love coordinating the rug with the walls in such an effortless EASY way, particularly good for those who often feel very color confused during the paint and flooring selection phase during a room design. It can be so hard to get the tints and tones correct when it comes to colors, don't you think? Gray and Beige (and white) appear so harmless and easy to match when in fact, they are the hardest. Also pink. Pink can be very tricky to match once you've found the perfect shade. A few tones off, and it's no longer sophisticated and grown up, but childish and overly sweet. This collaboration helps you to get your base colors just right.

Melrose Yellow, Plain Wool

Melrose Yellow, Plain Wool

My Workshop

Now, let's talk about my workshop with in Hamburg (In English) at Große Elbstraße 49 on Saturday, November 25th, 2017 from 2-4 pm. It will be called, "How To Find Your Personal Decorating Style + Play With Color" and it's completely free. I will have supplies for you because we'll be working on personal mood boards, and snacks and drinks will be part of the afternoon as well, with our complements.


We can invite only 25 guests, so please send an email to [email protected] to register by November 15, 2017. I hope you will join me, we will have so much fun.

Follow us on Instagram

You can follow the workshop on my Instagram on November 25th too, I'll be sharing some highlights from my Insta Stories and a few photos with the hashtag #cattledogslovesTRC and #TRCxFaB so follow along if you aren't able to attend.

Have a wonderful weekend, I'll see you again here on cattledogs next week!


(Note: This post has been sponsored by y. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I only review what I own, use and love.)


Picture This: Photo + Storytelling e-course

If you want your photos to be liked, shared and commented on - in other words, if you want to be SEEN in this great, big online world - you have to put a story or a feeling behind the s that go deeper than the words you write beneath them. The photo has to say something!

Picture This: Photos + Storytelling e-course

And so, it's a great honor for me to tell you that, for the first time in over 8 years of running the backbone and builder of the site, the co-founder, who is also my husband, will be teaching his with a special focus on photography and story telling for bloggers, influencers, writers, online shop owners, designers, book authors and anyone else (even experienced photographers) who is creative or curious and wants to learn exactly how to craft a beautiful photo from the heart.

And I have a small, but very great, confession to make. My first anniversary gift from my husband was a beautiful Canon camera that he bought for me with money he saved up because he knew how much I loved to take photos. And 16 years later, because of his support and encouragement, his patience, and his help in developing my skills in photography, I am finally shooting with confidence. I take photos for clients globally, I travel to events and fairs to take photos, and most of the posts on my blog that I write are filled with my own photos. I also am taking photos for my own books now, and for the books of other authors!

If you don't believe me I want to show you something. These are examples of the photos that I took for cattledogs when I first started blogging nearly 11 years ago HERE and HERE. They make me laugh and cringe but they also make me SO PROUD. Because now I am taking photos like THIS and THIS and those are not even my best work. So when I say Thorsten has helped me, well, I mean it.

And now he can help you too.

Thorsten is a tech-savvy genius and knows computers from software to hardware to code, inside out - but also cameras and photography, photo editing and every gadget and app and THING you could possibly use to not only take photos but to take the best photos. On the flipside, he also is a poet and writer, and has an impressive talent to see the beauty in the mundane, to pull it out, and to share it through his photos and writing. With a teaching background for many years in Boston, he has worked in classrooms for years helping to develop skill and talent in his adult students. 

Picture This!

Thorsten will and I will step back and be his co-teacher and assistant, while he leads you through a 3 week intensive course called AND it wraps up with YOU (if you wish to) submitting a photo project and Thorsten will look at it and give you feedback and ideas.

How Many Weeks?

This is how it works. Class starts Friday, November 3, 2017 and will run for two full weeks. Then, students will take a short pause and spend the entire month of December putting what was learned into motion. Then, for one final week in January, from the 8th-15th, each student will share via Milanote (free downloadable app), their photos from December - the "story" they wish to tell. Then, Thorsten and I will look at ALL of the student projects and offer our feedback as part of the class, and all students are welcome to look at and review all projects, too to see what we've said.

What Will Be Taught?

You will learn the principles of visual storytelling: composition... From contrast and affinity to the rule of thirds, golden ratio, deep space, flat space and limited space. Next, you will learn how focal length affects composition, crop factor, ISO tips, using glass filters to control lighting, and the 4 different shot types. Finally, you'll learn how to plan a shoot day for your blog and how to plan a shoot day for a client.

Do I Need An Expensive Camera?

Please note that you will need to own or have access to a DSLR or mirrorless camera (any camera where you can change lenses) as some of the topics cannot be followed with a smartphone camera. A compact camera with a zoom is also a possible option.

How Are Classes Taught?

For this class, mostly video and screencasts along with some written lessons will be pre-recorded especially for this course and posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week - you can view them whenever you wish during class, day or night. All materials can be downloaded and saved. We will also have live chats with students so questions can be asked in real time. And of course, questions can be asked in the forum from November 3 until January 15th, except for Christmas week and New Years Eve and New Year's Day.

We will only register a small group for this class since it includes student feedback on the photograph project - register today so you don't miss a spot!

We hope to see you in class because you will truly love it and learn more than you ever imagined!

(Photography: Thorsten Becker)



Boho Surfer Bedroom Makeover For Teen Girl

I love designing children's rooms because they are often so excited to get involved in the decorating process and are super opinionated concerning their preferences from color, pattern, even the toys and pillows on their bed. I love this clarity of vision and that they want what they want. You can't talk them out of a color or a theme. If they want purple walls, that's what it's going to be. I like this pure and often, quite imaginative and bonkers vision that they have and I respect it.

The older they get, kids want to be even more involved in how their bedrooms look. My three-year-old son already says, "Mama, get the washi tape please. I want to put Hank the Octopus over my table". I can't believe he remembers words like washi tape, but okayyyyy. Soon, he will ask for even greater changes like no more cute bear wallpaper, STAR WARS! Or no more soft green walls, FIRE ENGINE RED!

Recently my friend , former owner of the lifestyle shop Bodie & Fou, a photographer and blogger at the Bodie & Fou (she kept the blog, sold the shop), shared her 12-year-old girl's bedroom makeover and I had to share it here. I love what she and her daughter, Mila, did in her boho bedroom makeover. It went from cluttered and typical child-like to a more clear, organized yet still boho surfer girl look that reflects exactly who Mila is and what she's currently inspired by.


A bedroom that reflected Mila's love of surfing + A palette of soft vintage pink, pale green, light grey and white + A gallery wall with cactus & palm trees + De-cluttering the desk area so she's happier doing homework + Making the bed luxurious, warm and cozy for winter + Linen bedding + All season wool duvet and pillows + More grown up but still girly.

Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs


Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs
Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs
Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs
Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs
Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs
Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs


Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs

Isn't that a super lovely makeover? Mila got everything on her wishlist and more. Best part is, this room can be done on a budget too if you wish because it's simple yet still has character and "enough" stuff around to make it feel warm and like a young girl lives there. This space is effortlessly stylish, livable, cozy and most importantly, 100% Mila.

Thank you Karine for letting us share this room redux on cattledogs today!

(Photography Karine Candice Kong / Photo Editing Holly Becker / Text Holly Becker)

See One Of The Best Interiors Shops In Stockholm

Are you like me and love window-shopping? This, I confess would have to be one of my favorite past times. When I arrive in a new city, finding a beautiful interior store is one of the first things that I need to do - even before the other attractions! To me, this, along with sitting in cafes and people watching, is where I get a real feel for a place.

Tambur Store Stockholm_ mel chesneau for cattledogs-3.jpg

Now I don’t mean just any shop full of lovely things, I’m looking for a place where I can feel inspired; somewhere that truly showcases their edit, along with reflecting the style and feel of the city that it’s in. Thankfully one of my friends here introduced me to , which does just that. It has since been my go-to-store for all things interiors. I’m sure you’ll love it. Shall I take you on a little virtual tour with me?

is situated in Södermalm, an area in Stockholm, that was crowned the third coolest neighborhood in the world a couple of years ago by . Cafes line the streets with a mix of hipsters, young families and professionals taking time out to . There’s no pretentiousness here though, the locals take the title in their stride and are super friendly with their quiet Scandinavian confidence. 

Tambur Store Stockholm

Tambur means “entry hall” in Swedish. It’s the place to enter the home, hang your coat, leave your shoes, bag and relax.  Designer, Anders Widegren, founded the store two years ago with the idea to create a space that embodies a Nordic style, with a lot of clean lines, functional design and where less is more. A year later, Sebastian Bergström, came on board as a co-owner and stylist. 

Tambur Store Stockholm
Tambur Store Stockholm

The store is set up to reflect different rooms within the home and offers some great decorating inspiration. Both Anders and Sebastian aim to choose products that are made with care, and by natural materials. You can see this with the beautiful display of cutting boards, utensils, ceramics and accessories on show. This is very much the philosophy of Scandinavians. Choose well and you will have it for life. 

Tambur Store Stockholm
Tambur Store Stockholm
Tambur Store Stockholm
Tambur Store Stockholm


Since opening, Anders and Sebastian have given the boutique numerous makeovers to showcase how the products can work within different environments and color palettes. This makes it even more interesting (and dangerous) for regulars as we rediscover our favorite things styled in a fresh, new way. 

If you find yourself in Stockholm’s Södermalm, a visit to Tambur is a must. A little warning though, temptations run high here and you will be hard pressed to leave without getting a little something for yourself.

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Follow #BlogTeamDDW at Dutch Design Week!

Hey lovely friends and cattledogs readers! I'm happy to be here today to say hi because I've been a bit absent due to getting a cold and from managing my family life and travel, etc. Right now, I have an intense travel period so I spend as much time as I can when I'm home to be with my little boy. When you are away 4-5 days at a time, you have to create balance by being very present when you are home and for me, this means blogging less and playing with him more. BUT the good news is, that I have a great schedule for daily blog posts from now until the end of the year - you will either be hearing from me or someone from the awesome cattledogs team that I've newly formed... So you won't have to miss anything inspiring at all.

Design Academy Eindhoven

Design Academy Eindhoven

This weekend, from October 20-23, I will lead a group of 15 bloggers/influencers/vbloggers from all over Europe to Eindhoven for and we'll be using our hashtag #BlogTeamDDW. If you want to follow us, just search for that hashtag online or on Instagram and you'll see what we are doing and seeing as we go. I'm sure you will find our photos and insta stories inspiring, especially if you love art, design, conceptual design work, pretty cafes and shops... Oh wait a minute, OF COURSE YOU LOVE THOSE THINGS. Duh! So follow us!

I CANNOT WAIT to see the student work at the and to visit and see his new work for IKEA and and also to finally meet after so many years of following her work. It's going to be quite spectacular to dine with people who have inspired us all for so many years - older, wiser and certainly more experienced!

I formed this blogger group on a whim, I wanted to return to Dutch Design Week after 11 years of not going - it was the fair that started my career as a journalist since it was the first thing I ever wrote about for back when I lived in the United States! I don't see or hear as much about DDW as I'd like to from my fellow American bloggers and journalists, so I thought since I'm American and live over here AND live only 3 hours away from Eindhoven, why not take the lead and form a group and together, hit the fair and unearth gems to share with my followers and for all of the bloggers with me to do the same. Why not cover a fair that could be really inspiring to all of you, that isn't necessarily the typical type of fair showing products already in production? I love conceptual design and though so much of it never sees the light of day in the way it was originally intended, a lot of the ideas around the design can and do end up becoming actual things we use someday. I was told recently that what you see at Dutch Design Week as a concept this year, is what you just may see at a trend fair as a product in 5 years, which is why it's so important to go to these types of student fairs.

Here is the stellar group below that I've chosen so click on them all to follow them too -  we have a very lovely weekend ahead so again, do follow us from October 20-23 and like our photos and feel free to share as you go. If you want to be a part of future blogger groups that I organize to attend fairs or events, please reach out to me via my assistant, Jessy, who will let me know of your interest ([email protected]).

Here is our #BlogTeamDDW (in no particular order):







(Interior Design Student from Montenegro)





/ (France)

/ (Germany)


and of course, me.

To say I am happy THAT these bloggers and influencers accepted my invitation to join me in Eindhoven doesn't even capture the gratitude I feel (thank you guys so much!). I am deeply honored and can't wait!

And I owe Desiree so much for joining in my effort to help me organize everything because without her, it would have been a struggle with pinpointing exactly where to go as DDW is huge.

My only hope is that they all love it and we end up having a weekend to remember that gives us all lots of happy feels!

We have so many special events lined up, I hope that you will enjoy watching our Instagram accounts all weekend long - just use #blogteamDDW to stay in the know on IG.

See you all on Instagram in Eindhoven!