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New From The Rug Company + Our Workshop In Hamburg November 25th

Meet the interiors dream team! Do you want to see what is up to at the moment and who they've partnered with? Of course you do! The Complementary Colour Collection between y and , is a stunning collaboration and I can't wait to share photos with you along with their official video.

Portland Pink, Silk Border

Portland Pink, Silk Border

Personal thoughts

I've grown very close to each brand and in December, I'll be in London to meet with Christopher Sharp, the founder of , to deepen my relationship with them further. I've had a relationship with also for several years starting out as the F&B brand ambassador in Germany over 5 years ago.

I value the work that I do for companies that I have long enjoyed and used (or suggested the products of) for over a decade and I like to bring those brands to you because I live with them each day in my home. Nearly all of my walls are painted with paints, I have their wallpaper in my living room, and I've shown rugs from in many homes throughout my books for years, suggested them to clients, and have personally experienced them and find the quality and craftsmanship exceptional.

Why this is so special

This collaboration between two interior powerhouses is so interesting to me because I've long loved the colors of paint and wallpaper but never imagined taking the colors from the walls to the floors - but now you can! And it's fabulous! After the rugs released in this collection, I was astounded and loved the idea so much and wondered why I'd not thought of it before myself. Seeing the rugs coordinating so nicely with so many colors from F&B is quite inspiring. I can imagine a lot of customers really loving this team up!

Holland Stone, Silk Border

Holland Stone, Silk Border

12 COLORS and 3 textures

Each hand-loom rug is available in 12 colorways: Order Grey, Sam's Stone, Portland Pink, Holland Stone, Wizlet, Wooster, Melrose Yellow, Kent Green, Claredon, Lots Blue, Keepers Red and Princedale Pale, and in 3 textures: plain wool, silk border and cut & loop stripe. Each example of these textures are shown throughout this post.


My favorite colors are , and . All three would work in my home - the yellow fitting perfectly in the bedroom of my little boy Aidan.

Silk Border Close-up

Silk Border Close-up


The colors are meant to effortlessly blend with one of the six neutral groups of the eco-friendly F&B paint collections - one accent and one nutral colorway. For instance, on the , you can pick the rug color that you like (for instance, ), click on it, and then scroll down to see that it complements neutral paint colors All White, Strong White, Skimming Stone and Elephant's Breath (along with showing those exact paint swatches and listing the paint number so you can order them from if you choose). How brilliant is that?

Wooster, Cut loop

Wooster, Cut loop


I really love coordinating the rug with the walls in such an effortless EASY way, particularly good for those who often feel very color confused during the paint and flooring selection phase during a room design. It can be so hard to get the tints and tones correct when it comes to colors, don't you think? Gray and Beige (and white) appear so harmless and easy to match when in fact, they are the hardest. Also pink. Pink can be very tricky to match once you've found the perfect shade. A few tones off, and it's no longer sophisticated and grown up, but childish and overly sweet. This collaboration helps you to get your base colors just right.

Melrose Yellow, Plain Wool

Melrose Yellow, Plain Wool

My Workshop

Now, let's talk about my workshop with in Hamburg (In English) at Große Elbstraße 49 on Saturday, November 25th, 2017 from 2-4 pm. It will be called, "How To Find Your Personal Decorating Style + Play With Color" and it's completely free. I will have supplies for you because we'll be working on personal mood boards, and snacks and drinks will be part of the afternoon as well, with our complements.


We can invite only 25 guests, so please send an email to [email protected] to register by November 15, 2017. I hope you will join me, we will have so much fun.

Follow us on Instagram

You can follow the workshop on my Instagram on November 25th too, I'll be sharing some highlights from my Insta Stories and a few photos with the hashtag #cattledogslovesTRC and #TRCxFaB so follow along if you aren't able to attend.

Have a wonderful weekend, I'll see you again here on cattledogs next week!


(Note: This post has been sponsored by y. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I only review what I own, use and love.)


Boho Surfer Bedroom Makeover For Teen Girl

I love designing children's rooms because they are often so excited to get involved in the decorating process and are super opinionated concerning their preferences from color, pattern, even the toys and pillows on their bed. I love this clarity of vision and that they want what they want. You can't talk them out of a color or a theme. If they want purple walls, that's what it's going to be. I like this pure and often, quite imaginative and bonkers vision that they have and I respect it.

The older they get, kids want to be even more involved in how their bedrooms look. My three-year-old son already says, "Mama, get the washi tape please. I want to put Hank the Octopus over my table". I can't believe he remembers words like washi tape, but okayyyyy. Soon, he will ask for even greater changes like no more cute bear wallpaper, STAR WARS! Or no more soft green walls, FIRE ENGINE RED!

Recently my friend , former owner of the lifestyle shop Bodie & Fou, a photographer and blogger at the Bodie & Fou (she kept the blog, sold the shop), shared her 12-year-old girl's bedroom makeover and I had to share it here. I love what she and her daughter, Mila, did in her boho bedroom makeover. It went from cluttered and typical child-like to a more clear, organized yet still boho surfer girl look that reflects exactly who Mila is and what she's currently inspired by.


A bedroom that reflected Mila's love of surfing + A palette of soft vintage pink, pale green, light grey and white + A gallery wall with cactus & palm trees + De-cluttering the desk area so she's happier doing homework + Making the bed luxurious, warm and cozy for winter + Linen bedding + All season wool duvet and pillows + More grown up but still girly.

Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs


Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs
Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs
Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs
Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs
Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs
Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs


Mila's bedroom makeover on cattledogs

Isn't that a super lovely makeover? Mila got everything on her wishlist and more. Best part is, this room can be done on a budget too if you wish because it's simple yet still has character and "enough" stuff around to make it feel warm and like a young girl lives there. This space is effortlessly stylish, livable, cozy and most importantly, 100% Mila.

Thank you Karine for letting us share this room redux on cattledogs today!

(Photography Karine Candice Kong / Photo Editing Holly Becker / Text Holly Becker)

See This Cozy Scottish Kitchen In a Georgian Farmhouse

Hello dear readers, my name is and I'm a new monthly columnist from Scotland here on cattledogs as part of Holly's growing team of writers, stylists and photographers. I've been creating features for interiors magazines with my photographer husband, Douglas Gibb, for 20 years now, in his native Scotland. For my first column, which isn't a full home tour but a gorgeous kitchen instead, I will share the space of Arlene and David Munro-Wise who live in a 200-year-old Georgian farmhouse, located in a magical spot on Scotland's East Coast, called Lunan bay.

Arlene and David's Lovely Home

Arlene and David's Lovely Home

On arrival, my husband and I were immediately bowled over by Arlene's warmth and incredible sense of style. As a couple they share an artistic vision completely and have a proven track record for rescuing ancient houses. 


They previously restored their own 400-hundred-year-old home in France and then spent nine years thereafter undertaking restoration projects for clients all over Provence, the Tarn and the Languedoc. They then decided to move to Scotland, where Arlene was born and brought up, to be nearer to family and old friends.


Together they run a business creating events: staging some of the biggest and most extravagant shows in the world, from concept through to production, including the Armani event at the Dubai World Cup. 


You can see her stunning landscape paintings dotted around her home: she studied theater design at Nottingham and then went on to do an MA at the Slade School in London,. She painted the sets for Scottish Opera for five years while her son was a child, she then met David and remarried and moved to France. Find out more about Arlene's work here at

Derelict for five years, Arlene describes the interior as 'dark, gloomy and hideous' when they bought it; they wanted to open up the roof spaces, expose the trusses and create new windows and roof lights to enhance the light. Working in a freelance capacity and ready to travel at a moment’s notice, they have mastered the art of what Arlene calls ‘living lightly’. 

They have skillfully injected this philosophy into their home: both spatially sensitive and light sensitive, they have stripped it back and reinstated its unique qualities and architectural features, while also adding contemporary touches. 


The most dramatic transformation is undoubtedly the kitchen. Arlene and David have deliberately exposed the tactile pinkish stone walls and ceiling rafters, installed four Velux roof lights, replaced an existing window and installed glazed double doors to access the garden. Never has the phrase ‘let there be light’ been more appropriate.

“I love the juxtaposition between old and new,” Arlene adds. Finding the original, time-worn flagstone floors in the kitchen was a joyous moment,” she reveals. “The kitchen floor had been covered in shiny black tiles and paired with red gloss-painted Artex walls and a dark pine kitchen. Some of the flagstones were damaged but we were able to repair them.”


 “We chose made-up units that came ready for painting, which I did myself – paint, sand, paint became a mantra - in a soft shade of grey contrasted with white that features throughout the house. The units and central island are topped with white Italian composite quartz work surfaces and all the appliances were bought online,” she says. Arlene is an able cook, entertaining for friends is effortless when you have coordinated events on the scale of the Dubai World Cup.


A key feature, if not the star feature, is an old door suspended on a sliding wheeled mechanism against the kitchen’s exposed stone wall. Battered and studded with monster-sized nails, the door is 400 years old and was carefully transported from the couple’s former home in France. “My brother rigged up a suitably ancient looking sliding system to hang it from,” adds Arlene.

When it comes to buying things for the house Arlene confesses to loving a bargain. “I’m a truffler!” she laughs. “I truffle for things wherever I go, although I like to buy nice materials. Her truffling to date has resulted in furniture from India, Dubai, France and the UK, where sources range from auction houses to TK Maxx and online.

While the house is still an on-going project, Arlene and David can now afford to take time out to enjoy nearby Lunan beach and explore the Angus countryside and coastline. 

“For us this project was a mission to restore the historic detail while also providing contemporary comforts to make a home livable in again,” Arlene muses.  There is a much longed for studio where Arlene can paint in the garden. For this well-traveled couple it has been a remarkable journey – one that has secured this beautiful period property’s future for another few hundred years.

See you again soon with another tour from a Scottish home, next time an entire home that you will love! - Alison.

(Photography: Douglas Gibb // Text: for cattledogs)

3 Ways To Style Your Home With Style Icon + Model Prints

Hello dearest cattledogs readers! It's here and I'm extremely happy to be back with my monthly column where I will be sharing my styling tips to make your home and daily moments pretty and 'Instagrammable'! I will focus on current trends, micro and macro tendencies, so you can expect to see a lot of what is currently considered 'Pinteresting'.


Today I would like to share with you fashion icon and model photography. I'm sure you've noticed (you must have seen it around!) that fashion prints, model posters, black and white magazine pages or one's own photography is a current a big styling hit. With b&w images, ranging from vintage shots of actresses to some of the most recognizable supermodels, appear in stylish homes being used as a great accessory to decorate walls, shelves, workspaces and even kitchen counters. A home’s style is defined by its details, because those little items are often what really makes a home personal and interesting.


Try styling your home with fashion icon/model prints, model photography, magazine cut outs, posters or you might try modelling in the photos yourself, wouldn't that be fun? It does not necessary have to be a high-end fashion photo, it can certainly be you in the photo in an interesting pose then converted to a black and white print.


What can we do with these prints in our home? Here are 3 suggestions:

1/ Elegant Look - the most elegant style is to frame and hang prints on the wall. You can't go wrong with that. Black and white is timeless. Fashion icons and beautiful models never go out of style so prints are a great way to introduce a fashionable, even a bit edgier, look at home. Try browsing Etsy and search for - you will find tons of posters to choose from. Some of my personal favorites include those from .

2/ Gallery Wall - Since framed model prints look great, why not create a gallery wall and group them together? Galleries are usually tied together by colors, frames or a theme - in this case models, beautiful ladies, fashion could be the theme - a great opportunity to reflect your personal style.

3/ Effortless Look -  Such prints are stylish on their own hence they look also great without frames, effortlessly displayed around the house. For example a print above your desk attached with washi tape, a photo taped inside of a bookcase or shelf, some on a mood board in your work space made from magazine clippings. This effortless look is my favorite way to display model prints, what about you?


All of these ways create a lived-in, homey look which we all love, that's why Instagram became so popular. We love to peek into someone's home to see a current mood whether that be their work in progress, a creative desk, a mood board, so something else.

Would you add something to this list? Do you like this micro-trend?

Have a great weekend and I'll see you again next month. - Agata

(Photography and Text: for cattledogs)

Easy + Beautiful Autumn Table Setting Ideas On A Budget

Hello dear cattledogs readers, this is with a seasonal table decoration for your next gathering. But first, it's been awhile since my last column posted. Summer "happened“ in the meantime, one could say, but I'm happy to be back to inspire your tabletop decor.


I can hardly believe summer is gone, can you? The temperatures in the morning here in Germany keep proving this a little more each day - Fall has nearly arrived!


I suggest that we bring some of the qualities of Autumn to the tabletop instead of mourning summer because I actually like the month of September! I like watching late Summer turning into Autumn, the change of light and colors outside, the abundance of flowers, fruits and greens at the farmers' market. And of course - how much we yearn for cozy hours to spend at home!


For my tabletop, I've combined several different types of tableware, grey glass, oak wood and linen napkins and a linen tablecloth for my September table to add a rustic twist to clear shapes.


Once again my decoration is inspired by the Scandinavian Style and my beloved porcelain with a floral pattern in black and white.


The flowers I opted for are Dahlias (of course!), small Lilies, Gypsophila, Astrantia, Snowberries and various grass.


As a small handicraft and DIY for you, I browsed my interior magazines for colors to match the table setting and made a simple leaf-shaped template and cut out a lot of paper leaves. Afterwards I sewed them together one by one using my sewing machine putting six single leaves aside for my guests as the place cards.

By folding the paper a little on the seam, you will give the leaves an even better look.


You can use the garland on a wall close to the dining table or to decorate the front door.


This is such an easy and effortless idea that additionally keeps your wallets safe (or allows you to spend more on flowers, haha!). And it is recycling, isn't it? I would say "upcycling" so I can brag a bit (smile).

I hope you like this month's column and I wish all of you beautiful, golden late Summer/early Autumn days! See you again next month!


(Text + Photography: Anke Illner for cattledogs)

Peek In On This Colorful Swedish Home

I am in Helsinki now but when I get back, I have to leave again and go to Sweden for work with the Swedish tourism board. I know, tough life. Right now, I have a few trips per month all the way until December 4th. Then, I'm home for a few months so I get a break and can be with my little boy again. I always miss him when I'm away, but grateful for Whatsapp and Skype so we stay close.

I love Sweden, and have only been to the west once so I'm returning and this time, to Gothenburg and some small nearby towns, too.

swedish story cattledogs 4.jpg

With Sweden on my radar, I had to share the home of textile designer because it's filled with such great color and pattern. It's very personal and unique. It's a three story home located in Västra Frölunda, just outside of Gothenburg where I will be.

swedish story cattledogs 5.jpg
swedish story cattledogs 2.jpg
swedish story cattledogs 1.jpg
swedish story cattledogs 6.jpg
swedish story cattledogs 3.jpg

This designer shares the space with her husband and three children, and though you can't see all of the rooms here, you can get a feel for the home with the vignettes and corners shown. Aren't her drawings and paintings above on her office wall just stunning? I love how her home reflects her obvious connection and love for nature. It's so natural, relaxed and typical Swedish - to me at least. Be sure to where you can view her wallpaper, textiles and more. She's quite a talented lady!

By the way, have you ever been to Gothenburg before? Any tips for me? I'll have 24 hours there alone, so if you can point me in the right direction, I'd be so happy!

(Photographer: for )