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Botanical + Boho Style Prints

I just adore illustrated artwork in my home. I like to mix it in with original paintings, typography prints and photography. I came across today and thought they'd be a lovely share for you to enjoy on this FriYay! I'm packing for a weekend trip away - going over to The Netherlands with a good friend, so it's definitely going to be a nice few days away for me. What about you? Do you have plans too? mushroom-melody

So, I'll tell you a little bit about OHMYHOME... First, they have an online shop where they sell prints and (this is cool...) they are looking for illustrators worldwide who fit their vision. So if you like what you see and you are an illustrator, connect with my over there, her name is Angel. They just collaborated with Sara Boccaccini Meadows and Bodil Jane to create two series - Woodland Treasures and Leisure. If you can see your work framed in people's homes, this could be a nice chance for you to do that. I love these because they are very much on trend with the whole boho, tropical and botanical styles happening currently in western decorating circles. I know this is super hot in Germany, for sure.


"Sara Boccaccini Meadows is a talented illustrator from New York, who has worked with big names such as Zara, H & M and Urban Outfitters. She takes inspiration from all the little details in her daily surroundings to create them into wonderful, unique and quirky illustrations. For OHMYHOME Sara created the Woodland Treasures collection, consisting of three nature-inspired prints: Fern Study, Mushroom Melody and Moss Maze"


"Bodil Jane is an incredible illustrator from Amsterdam. After graduating from the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam, she has built a great portfolio for impressive clients worldwide. Her handmade creations are characterized by colorful paintings using mostly ink and watercolors. In collaboration with Bodil we created the Leisure collection for OHMYHOME, inspired by fun times with the family: Beach, Zoo and Fair."


These are so pretty, when I saw the mushrooms I immediately thought of my friends and Emily out in Los Angeles. By the way, Emily wrote a great book called , have to plug that for her... Go, Emily!

Thank you so much Angel for sharing this collection with me, super sweet!

(Photography with permission from OHMYHOME)