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Micro Trend: Float Frames For Photography + Art

One trend I've spotted lately when it comes to wall art and photo framing is the gorgeous, light and airy-looking . Have you noticed this too? Generally made of acrylic with brass bolts and screws, they are modern and clean -- just perfect for fine art photography, family photos or special documents or keepsakes. I've been spotting them around and noticed that rolled them out in five sizes just this week so I thought to highlight them as I really love this look and they carry them in 12x14, 17x20, 26x26, 24x30, and 30x42. C8e6qnFnMA2LZT9kW9VdiXV_xeRwYGAm87hSHAgE5lc,6sgRaTqJv1vG_BRozwiXNvJnKKl8FP18fbjg6jYpf8g,tRgTpXmV5Od6UE9aFumayzSulaDO4iOmwX1JdKwoYAo



What do you think of this look? I love it - such a nice change from traditional frames.

(Photographs: With permission from Artifact Uprising)

DIY: Spray Paint Botanical Art

There is no doubt that the urban jungle and plants in general have been trending for some time now. Everyone loves plants and flowers! That is why I was inspired to create a very easy to make botanical art print that is truly a budget DIY. You only need white paper in your favorite size, a can of spray paint in a nice color and a branch that you can find on your next walk with leaves in shapes that you like. With this simple procedure you can make plants imperishable. Very gentle reminders. Nature-Art Prints-DIY-cattledogs-KerstinR-April16 (1)

Honestly, when I tried it out the first time I was excited about the very fast result because I expected it to be a little more complicated. I've tried it a few more times since and have loved to experiment with different colors, branches and paper sizes. In only a few moments, you can create your very unique art prints. Hang them up with masking tape in a mix with other prints and photos or give it a frame and you get a very high-quality looking art print. Why not sign the lower right corner to make it a true original work? Maybe you have fun to make some gift cards with this method. Do you have other ideas for use?

Nature-Art Prints-DIY-cattledogs-KerstinR-April16 (2)

Some tips I can give you... * Keep the spray can not too close to the paper - the plant will blow away and create to many strong color points. Keep a good distance. * Use newspaper to protect surface or lay paper in a large box and remove on side, spraying in from the open side * Please do this outdoors, it's not good to inhale paint fumes the house will hold the terrible smell for hours. * Do not smoke while crafting! I hope you already know that though! * Wear an old t-shirt and shorts, something you wouldn't mind getting paint on. * Don't overdo it with the paint, go for light and airy * Don't tape the sprig or flower to the paper because then the tape outline will show! * Buy good quality spray paint, like Liquitex, or in Germany "Do It Spray" or (which also has very pretty colors) * Shake the can for the suggested amount of time on the can, or even longer! Then the spray is fine and even and won't come out in chunks or drips!

Nature-Art Prints-DIY-cattledogs-KerstinR-April16 (3)

Or try in soft pink...

Nature-Art Prints-DIY-cattledogs-KerstinR-April16 (11)

Nature-Art Prints-DIY-cattledogs-KerstinR-April16 (9)

I wish all of you an amazing May! For me, one of the most beautiful months of the year. I'll return in June with another simple DIY for you to try. -

(Photography, Text, DIY, Styling: | Editor: Holly Becker)

Shop: Affordable Art By Leslie Weaver

I realized today that my blog lost a little of that special something when I stopped blogging so much about the products I love. I dunno, I just stopped and the blog changed focus from being largely product and home tour driven to a tighter and more reliable format of stories you can count on each week from DIY to recipes and yeah, still home tours... And you guys love those stories and so do I.... But what about products - like the things I love and find and can't stop talking about to my friends during coffee breaks on weekends? That's the stuff I want to know about and see so why wouldn't you? So each week I will have a shop post like this one where I highlight a great find that deserves to be in the spotlight. This week, it's colorful affordable art by American artist (mostly originals!) that I'm deliriously crushing on. Take a look... art2_weaver

You can buy her work in her , so definitely head over there to see her dozens of works. Here are some more of my favorites from her portfolio below...


"Creativity has always been a part of my life. As I child, I would spend hours drawing faces and figures. I paint because it makes me happy and my desire is to share that happiness and a piece of myself with others.  I am drawn to vibrant color, pattern, texture, fashion, design, quirky composition and global culture. I enjoy exploring various subject matter, but the female face is my most favorite muse. I've used a variety of mediums to create art but primarily work with acrylics. My art is constantly evolving as it is reflective of the many things that I find inspiring which is always changing. " - Leslie Weaver




One of these on an art wall would look SO SO good.

(Artwork Copyright Leslie Weaver)

Minimalist Maps From Mapiful

I can't wait to tell you about because I just love maps and minimalist black and white street maps are very much trending for interiors. Plus, decorating with maps has long been a favorite of designers worldwide. Thing is, when you live outside of a mega "cool" city, it's often impossible to find maps for your spot, and if you do, even harder to find something you like. I've found several of my current city that are either ornate and vintage from flea markets (and expensive) or are designed by the town for our travel and tourism shop and are very generic and boring. mapiful_A_1040

Another dilemma is when you find a map of a city that you love that is a popular destination, but it is in color or the typeface is all wrong. Which is often the problem I’ve run into when searching for maps.

That's why Swedish firm, , is the solution for me! They give you the chance to print minimalist black and white maps of any location in the world, pan and zoom, customize the text and they will print it out, mail in a sturdy tube, and ship at no cost no matter where you live. You pay only $60 for your custom map (BUT if you use voucher "cattledogs" until September 15th, you pay only $50!).

For my map, I Paris because it was one of the first cities outside of the United States that I visited as a young woman many years ago and I fell completely in love with French life and culture back then, long before blogs and social media, even before email became the norm! I had so many dreams back then to live in Paris. I’ve been about 10 times since and each time, I want to return to see more because I feel like there is never enough time to see it all. I’ve had the pleasure of working in Paris styling homes and one of my favorite shops, and I have many cherished memories there that will forever stay in my heart. Though I no longer desire to live in Paris, it’s definitely a favorite destination and only an hour by plane so I can go whenever the mood strikes.

I also customized it to say , “Paris, Mon coeur est à toi”, which means a bit like saying, “Paris, My heart is yours”, it’s a very romantic sentiment I think. And it’s true.


I didn’t frame my map because I love seeing it taped to my wall. It doesn’t look too precious that way. I like that it looks like how maps were originally presented in classrooms, simply taped to the wall. It’s in my dining room because I associate my trips to Paris with eating – one of my favorite things to do in Paris is to enjoy café culture so putting the poster where we eat in our home was the best place. Each day when I see it, I am reminded of the beautiful places to eat in Paris and the smell of fresh bread during my early morning walks there.


As mentioned previously, I'm working with to get their maps into your hands so for only $50 (includes shipping globally!) until September 15th you can use the voucher "cattledogs". Once you have your map, please frame it or put it on your wall and take a photo and post to Instagram using hashtag #mapiful so we can see what you've done with your map and where it's being used in your home. If Mapiful likes your image, they may regram it to their audience linking back to your IG account, of course.

(Please note: This post is in collaboration with Mapiful. Photos and words are sincere and this review is my own. I never agree to review products that I don't believe in or wouldn't own and use myself.)

BIG Art From Minted

Have you heard the great news that Minted has gone BIG time? (they even ship outside of the U.S.) now offers very large sizes of their art and I had to learn more. Like most of you, curiosity killed the cat and I ended up "learning" so much that I landed smack dab in the middle of the photography of Qing Ji which then ended up in my shopping cart. I just knew I had to own  because it's different but also so cheery and bright. Minted stocks photographic prints but also illustration, prints of collage and paintings -- all framed if needed -- up to size 44″ x 60″. Will you just look at this beauty in my home... mintedlargeart

Art is a never-ending spiral for me, I love it and like filling my home with pattern and color through creative work. I'm not big on a patterned sofa or patterns on drapes, I am more interested in seeing it on walls, floors and through small accessories like pillows and throws. I like something with wow appeal on the floor, then a gentle rest on the eyes for the middle of the room (where throws and pillows are) and then towards the mid to top of the room I like color and/or pattern.

When I decorate a room, I always take a photo of the space from the main entry point and then I divide the photo into 3 parts, lower, mid section, top. From there, I split into 3 more sections - left, middle and right side. This way, the room has 6 parts or squares. In all 6 of those parts, I make sure there is a good flow between all from pattern and color to the recurrence of a repeating color or pattern I'm going with if that's what I want. I know it's a bizarre and very unconventional way to see a space but it's always how I've seen rooms since I was a child and though I abandoned this way of decorating for a few years, I've decided to go back to it and see how I can use it as I work through my upcoming decorating and styling projects. I feel like I need to make some changes and continue improving instead of going with what is comfortable or text book.

Do you have any unconventional ways to approach a space? Oh, and do you have any large art in your home and if so, what and where is it placed? I think the above print may end up in my bedroom or hallway next week...

(image: Holly Becker for cattledogs)

Watercolor Art Prints From Copenhagen

I love art that isn't generic, you know like those typical framed prints everyone buys from big box stores, I find them boring. Before you call me a snob, I confess that I used to have them all over my apartment when I was living alone because back then, Etsy didn't exist and it was really hard to find nice prints of original works from artists that were affordable or even easy to find. And hey, NO JUDGEMENT if you still buy art at big home stores - to each his own. Though as your trusty decorating friends, I want to give you a little push to check into buying more art prints because they are everywhere online these days and they are really, really good! SilkeBonde_10

We've come a long way with art these days because you can find beautiful work nearly everywhere online and shop direct from artists or a middleman who sells their work. This provides endless opportunities for decorating enthusiasts. Not only can you get affordable work (prints are wayyyy less expensive than original works so I have lots of prints personally), but often stuff that no one else has and if you are supporting an artist so they can continue doing what they love.

I found recently the new "Looking closer" collection of 6 watercolor art prints made by hand by Copenhagen-based designer and artist, , and fell in love. They range in size between 70 x 50 cm and 100 x 70 cm and retail between 89-98€, so like I said, affordable. About the collection Silke says, "The use of blue and green tones characterizes the northern nature and it’s color palette. The collection is made with watercolors to match the organic shapes which you will find in the nature. It is a minimalistic collection with a mix of straight lines and organic shapes."










Lucky for us all, she ships worldwide so you can buy anything that you see directly from her .

(Photos and styling by the German-based .