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Live Trends from Ambiente: February 11 + 12

I am thrilled to announce my newest partnership with one of the most important trade shows in the world, , where I will be reporting to you live on Saturday, February 11 and Sunday, February 12. I'll tell you more in a moment, but first, how are you? It's Friyay and I hope that you have some nice plans for the upcoming weekend. If you don't, try to make some because it will make you feel better if you have something to look forward too. So...


Reporting and trend scouting are double passions of mine and fairs give me a great way to do that, it's always so special to meet those whom I admire behind some of my favorite interiors and lifestyle brands. Working with Ambiente will be the perfect partnership because I can share two days of live coverage on Instagram through IG Stories, flash interviews and photos with all of you and later, a full report on my blog. You don't have to leave the house, just follow me on and you're going on a blog tour with me from your sofa.

I've already put together a company list charting my adventures into interiorsland and am looking forward to tuning you in on all day Saturday and Sunday, so mark your calendars for 11 and 12 February for the latest and greatest collections because if you are into interiors like I am, this show is one that you can't miss, and it's also so important for you to follow what's new so you can pass your inspirations to your own clients, fans, readers, etc. You can count on me to find everything that is worth your attention, trust me, because I'll sniff out the best of the best and provide you with links and photos on Instagram during those two days so that you can find new companies and be in the know at the same time that I am.


I wish you a lovely weekend, I'll be back on Monday to talk about more partnerships and fun things that I've been up to and also to tell you about a big project that you may be able to actually be a part of (I would love that).


Oh and don't miss this.... We are now enrolling for the always inspiring Blogging Your Way e-course which begins in just FOUR WEEKS from now so you have to register before spaces sell out. I have so much to share with you that will go beyond the curriculum, so brace yourself for a great class!!!



(Fair photos from 2016 by and , all others are my own.)

Blickfang Design Fair Hamburg: Review

Want to see some fresh design that hasn't been all over the web (yet)? Well, I had the pleasure of attending the in Hamburg last Friday on opening day and found it to be so well done - beautifully curated and organized. Of course, the most important thing to me was whether or not the booths were interesting, would I like any of the designs, was anything looking new or fresh? Homebanner01

I'm happy to report - yes and what a great show! Of course, you always see things that look like a designer was heavily influenced by something already on the market, but this fair was actually very original and interesting to attend because I found a lot of the designers had their own sense of style and certainly were well trained and as a result, pride in developing a product from the heart was apparent at every turn. I imagine after spending years at design school, the last thing you'd feel good about doing is to copy what someone else's studio is producing already. I didn't spot a single copycat at this fair and that alone was both rare and refreshing.


I don't know if you follow me on , but I posted photos as I was touring the show with Johanna, the Blickfang press manager. She gave me some excellent insight into many of the designers as we perused the halls and I IG'd as we walked (and later from the train ride home!). A glimpse below of my Instagram stream from Friday... I was a busy bee and a quite inspired one, too.


Above: Row 1, Images 1-3 by . They are a German product design studio that creates contemporary nordic lighting and furniture (and now ceramics). Images 5 + 6: . Dutch design team, who are also husband and wife Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink, who create glassware, vases, candles and other lovely things for the home.

Row 2, Image 1 . Florian Vogel, the founder, once designed for the famous Ingo Maurer and since 2012, started his own lighting brand based in Hamburg, Germany. Images 2-3 . Table bases, vases and other furniture designed and crafted in the Czech Republic. Image 5 . This design firm, who specializes  is also from the Czech Republic. I went a little crazy for the  and their lamps. Image 6 - . This Australian lighting firm had these table lamps in black, copper and gold that made my heart pitter pat.

Row 3, Image 1. . Watches designed in The Netherlands that were affordable and had great colors. Image 2. . A Danish illustrator living in Hamburg with the cutest prints and cards. Image 3. Ontwerpduo (again). Image 5 from Denmark. The best frames ever. You can see them in this post in a few places. I wish I had taken a few home. Image 6 . Hamburg-based paper design firm and though I loved the products and grabbed some to take home, I really loved the founder and designer. She was so friendly and just lovely.






I'll definitely hit up Blickfang again next year in Hamburg - no doubt! The location was perfect (next door to the main train station) and beautiful, they had several places to eat there, you could buy what you saw, they incorporate interiors with fashion, there was even activities for kids and a special area for men to shop. I heard they had some lectures too but I missed those.

If you missed the show, you can see and even shop it online .

Home Tour: Family Friendly Home in Australia

Hello friends, how are you today? I received such a nice email from Stella, and homeowner living along the central coast in Australia with her family, who wanted to share her home with all of us. Yay! It is surprisingly quite rare that homeowner's me, why is this? I don't get it, I'm not a tiger, I won't bite. They seem so shy or think I would not be interested for some reason but please don't be, I love seeing how people live and though I cannot publish all home stories, my goal is one per week so help me people! Saratoga-5017

Ok! So come out from hiding you people with your stylish homes, because we want to feature your world on cattledogs.

Okay, enough about that. How about a little show and tell? Stella, her husband Michael and their children Eva Grace (2.5 years old) and Luca (14 months) live in this lovely space in a part of the world that I'm longing to visit- Australia. What's with Australia anyway? Beautiful beyond words but then you have all of these great blogs and foodies there, incredible stylists and the homes. Oh the homes. Always so light-filled and posh.


Stella teaches English studies and literature at their local University and her husband owns a golf business and they live about an hour away from gorgeous Sydney. That's their dining room above. Their home was built in the mid century and hasn't been renovated in about 30 years so, despite how aged it was, when they were shopping for a home in a neighborhood they'd be hoping to live, they snatched it right up in "as is" condition because all of the homes were selling so quickly and they were tired of missing out. 

When they viewed their current home they commented that, "We instinctively sensed this was an opportunity that we had to jump on. The waterview, the outlook, were its greatest features. Other appealing features were; loads of natural light, north facing, corner block, high ceiling and of course its natural backdrop. The home is very bright and airy." Since moving in, they knew it was the best choice as they never tire of the water views and find it a tranquil spot after a long day chasing toddlers.


"Another to our home is the layout. It feels seamless and flows well from one space to the other because it is so open I can be preparing dinner in the kitchen and I can see the kids playing in their rooms." When Stella mentioned this is made me think about how layout is so critical when you have children. When you are a single couple, you have more freedom at home. You don't think about whether the children can hear the television at night or whether you can see the baby playing on the living room floor while you are preparing dinner. These things suddenly become very important once children arrive.


I asked Stella where they like to shop for furniture and decorating objects and she confessed, "Our home is littered with bits and pieces from our travels, flea market finds and some pieces from furniture stores like  and for the furniture in the kids room we love because it is extremely functional and durable." Stella loves Scandinavian style best and tries to bring a nordic vibe to her home, "Our home feels open and fresh, we don’t have a lot of accessories. I like functional furnishings with a neutral palette. We have clean lines, whitewashed floors and a warm colour theme," all are the hallmarks of Scandinavian decor.


There is lovely Stella and her little one shown above and below, there is a bit of an interview I had with her so she can share her house pride with you in her own words. I love it when people talk about where they live and you can tell their faces are glowing as they speak...




What do you love the most about your home? 

Stella: Being so close to the water is a blessing. We often take the kids down to the water for a picnic and to feed the ducks and see the pelicans. We find it such a joy to unwind at the end of the day in a home we love with the people we love. When we have no schedule or events to attend, we love our time together as a family. Most weekends will start with eating pancakes around the kitchen breakfast bench. Michael loves to cook on his days off and the open plan kitchen makes it possible to be cooking and still engaging and interacting with the family. The kids will usually do some craft and drawing on the dinning room table and then we might go for a walk to see the ducks and fish at the waterfront. At the end of the day Michael and I will unwind with a cup of coffee on our deck, catching up on some reading and watching the sunset over the water. Our home is bright and charming and it’s always easy to just stay at home.




What is your favorite piece in your home?

Stella: The cream Platter on the bench top is one of my favourite pieces in the home. My husband bought it for me soon after we got engaged. It is a sculptural piece that adds a touch of art to our kitchen. Also our bed linen is Vintage Washed Linen. It is pure, lightweight linen and gives a lovely lived in look. It is extremely soft and durable and always looks so fresh. 

How do you define “home”?  

Stella: Simply this -- All the riches in the world mean nothing without a home. 

What are some tips for keeping a stylish home with children? 

Stella: When you have children it’s important that they know where their things should go. That way tiding up time is more easier.  We have baskets scattered around the house, canvas bags and natural baskets that store lots of books and toys. It helps us feel organised gives everything its place.





What is your dream piece for your home?

Stella: I would love to find a piece of art that I can not live without. That would make a statement and would stir something in me overtime I looked at it. 

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to decorating?

Stella: Trying to find pieces that are multifunctional and still beautiful. 

What comes natural when you're decorating?

Stella: Matching things with our clean lines and natural tones because I know our palette and the colours I am drawn to... I know if something will find its place in our home fairly quickly (or not).

How do you make simple, easy changes to the style of a room when you get bored and how often do you redecorate?

Stella: I play around with a vignette and change pieces around, I might add an unusual look vase with fresh flowers- that is a quick easy way to add life to a space. I am often rearranging things, I'll be looking through an interior magazine and walk away to change a single item around, for instance. It might be moving a frame or pulling similar items together like a vignette of similar coloured vases. I find inspiration to decorate all around me. 

Thank you Stella for sharing your corner of the world with us today. And dear readers, you can follow Stella on her Instagram if you'd like - just .

(photos: via magazine)

Cloud 7: Portraits of Dog Owners & Their Dogs

I've just returned from Amsterdam where I was working with a few lovely creative women on a book project so it was SO nice to receive a solid submission in my inbox today! It's easy to feel a bit lazy after returning from a work trip - I have so much on my mind and with looming deadlines, I love it when someone sends me a submission that is as good as if I had sourced it myself. This one comes from Berlin from a new company called which is completely focused on providing beautiful, quality products for dogs. I don't usually write about pets and products for them on cattledogs, but since dog beds are part of a room, it isn't a bad idea to actually buy one that looks good and fits your decor, right? The ones from Cloud 7 are totally my style - tactical, cozy, natural-looking and discreet - no crazy patterns or something that clashes with my home style. todd_johan_dream_ Cloud 7 produces high quality products like beds, bags, bowls, collars, leashes and other accessories for dogs and are produced fair trade from eco-friendly materials. I love their , , , and their many lovely . My little boy will be 19-months-old in a few days and he loves dogs way more than I notice other kids his age do, so it makes me wonder if a little dog is in our future... He runs up to them and wants to kiss and hug each dog he meets, so I've naturally had to teach him good manners with dogs so he approaches less "full on" and more gently to avoid scaring them. I love watching him around dogs though, he reacts to them so differently than he does other animals. I'm definitely considering adding a dog to our family in the next few years since I grew up with them and always loved having them around. We'll see...

Do you have dogs? Any suggestions for good breeds for children? Pugs are a very popular dog in Germany - some apartments you cannot rent with dogs but if you have a pug, a landlord will often make an exception since they are such a loved breed here. I didn't realize this until I relocated to Germany, it came as a big surprise to me.






If you love dogs, you'll from Cloud 7 as part of a recent campaign they've done... I've posted a few above because they are so nice. I love warm and friendly little creatures, I find animals one of the best things in life to be quite honest. People can come and go, make and break you, but little pets are just such a joy.

I wish you all a wonderful Labor Day weekend (in the USA) and to the rest of my dear friends online, I'll see you tomorrow! Woof!

(images: cloud 7)

Minimalist Maps From Mapiful

I can't wait to tell you about because I just love maps and minimalist black and white street maps are very much trending for interiors. Plus, decorating with maps has long been a favorite of designers worldwide. Thing is, when you live outside of a mega "cool" city, it's often impossible to find maps for your spot, and if you do, even harder to find something you like. I've found several of my current city that are either ornate and vintage from flea markets (and expensive) or are designed by the town for our travel and tourism shop and are very generic and boring. mapiful_A_1040

Another dilemma is when you find a map of a city that you love that is a popular destination, but it is in color or the typeface is all wrong. Which is often the problem I’ve run into when searching for maps.

That's why Swedish firm, , is the solution for me! They give you the chance to print minimalist black and white maps of any location in the world, pan and zoom, customize the text and they will print it out, mail in a sturdy tube, and ship at no cost no matter where you live. You pay only $60 for your custom map (BUT if you use voucher "cattledogs" until September 15th, you pay only $50!).

For my map, I Paris because it was one of the first cities outside of the United States that I visited as a young woman many years ago and I fell completely in love with French life and culture back then, long before blogs and social media, even before email became the norm! I had so many dreams back then to live in Paris. I’ve been about 10 times since and each time, I want to return to see more because I feel like there is never enough time to see it all. I’ve had the pleasure of working in Paris styling homes and one of my favorite shops, and I have many cherished memories there that will forever stay in my heart. Though I no longer desire to live in Paris, it’s definitely a favorite destination and only an hour by plane so I can go whenever the mood strikes.

I also customized it to say , “Paris, Mon coeur est à toi”, which means a bit like saying, “Paris, My heart is yours”, it’s a very romantic sentiment I think. And it’s true.


I didn’t frame my map because I love seeing it taped to my wall. It doesn’t look too precious that way. I like that it looks like how maps were originally presented in classrooms, simply taped to the wall. It’s in my dining room because I associate my trips to Paris with eating – one of my favorite things to do in Paris is to enjoy café culture so putting the poster where we eat in our home was the best place. Each day when I see it, I am reminded of the beautiful places to eat in Paris and the smell of fresh bread during my early morning walks there.


As mentioned previously, I'm working with to get their maps into your hands so for only $50 (includes shipping globally!) until September 15th you can use the voucher "cattledogs". Once you have your map, please frame it or put it on your wall and take a photo and post to Instagram using hashtag #mapiful so we can see what you've done with your map and where it's being used in your home. If Mapiful likes your image, they may regram it to their audience linking back to your IG account, of course.

(Please note: This post is in collaboration with Mapiful. Photos and words are sincere and this review is my own. I never agree to review products that I don't believe in or wouldn't own and use myself.)

Second Skin Collection By Stylist July Adrichem

I always return to a simple truth in my own work. Limitations foster creativity. The psychology of limitation is so interesting, don't you think? Have you noticed this in your own work too? We can become so paralyzed from innumerable opportunities - for instance, have you heard of this new term, "Pinterest Depression?". I heard this recently, I think from a friend, and I was like Yes, omg yes! You see so many ideas and you just freeze or feel like a giant loser because Pinterest stuff looks so much prettier than your stuff. Or you try to work on a few of the recipes you've pinned or a craft DIY and they don't turn out nearly as good as what you saw on Pinterest and you feel depressed about it. Or you simply do nothing because there is just so much out there to see and do that you don't know where to begin. This is called the paralysis of too much choice. Second Skin Collection By Stylist July Adrichem on cattledogs

Has this ever happened to you... You want to bring a cake to your sister's housewarming party but instead of baking one, you go to the corner bakery and select something from the dozen or so displayed there. Think about it though - if that bakery didn't exist, or you were really broke, you would be forced to bake a cake and who knows, that cake may really inspire you, give you a sense

of pride and accomplishment, taste great and make your sister feel super special. See what I mean? Limitations foster creativity. This leads me to telling you about this nice story of how one Dutch stylist felt limited and instead of getting depressed or heading to a big box store to stock up on something similar, she put her ideas to action and this resulted in a beautiful collection of very special pieces to display at home.

I was so impressed when I saw the work of for the first time because not only is her styling gorgeous but her product line, Second Skin Collection, is quite gorgeous. July graduated as an Interior Stylist at the Artemis Academy Amsterdam and was hired the same year by , where she worked for two years and created several styling products used for national and international projects which included creating themes for mood books and color palettes that would ultimately be applied to styling projects.

Second Skin Collection By Stylist July Adrichem on cattledogs

July currently works as a freelance product stylist who recently launched the product line that you see throughout this post which was driven by her passion for finding tactile and very unique props that she couldn't quite find which she has named the Second Skin Collection. “As an Interior Stylist I am always looking for that special material, shape and colour combination. When I start with a new product design, I love to combine different materials and try out if that new combination can work. At this moment I’m working on new designs for a ceramic collection. I want to develop a new line, in which the colour is the most important aspect of the design.”

This very exclusive collection began as an experiment last year that was primarily focused on new pieces crafted after old ones like bowls and vases using a plaster-cotton paste to form shapes then treated with a protective coating to prevent damage (though they are only for dry products and not for eating or drinking from). Her experiment grew in popularity and so she began to offer pieces for sale as part of an exclusive collection called Second Skin.

Second Skin Collection By Stylist July Adrichem on cattledogs

Second Skin Collection By Stylist July Adrichem on cattledogs

Second Skin Collection By Stylist July Adrichem on cattledogs

Second Skin Collection By Stylist July Adrichem on cattledogs

Second Skin Collection By Stylist July Adrichem on cattledogs

Second Skin Collection By Stylist July Adrichem on cattledogs

Second Skin Collection By Stylist July Adrichem on cattledogs

You can follow July's beautiful Instagram stream for more inspiration too. Thank you July for sending me these beautiful photos!

(photography + styling: july adrichem)