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The Stelton Emma Pitcher In My Urban Kitchen

Hello friends! Do you want to see a room in my house that I never, ever show? MY KITCHEN. And even now, I'm just giving you a behind-the-curtains peek. Maybe I'll show more on my Instagram soon... But for now, this is my blue, Nordic-inspired, kitchen. And the best part? I've filled it with things that I love like the new from  along with their glasses and concave vases, all linked at the bottom of this post.


I love combining budget pieces with nicer, well-made ones to create a space that works for me and my family. Take for instance my kitchen. I have affordable cabinets from a big box store, a custom counter from a local kitchen store, inexpensive shelves and paint on the walls from a very exclusive paint brand. I think the paint was more expensive than the countertop! And the countertop was more expensive than the shelves. While it may seem my priorities are whack, I know what I want. I can get white cabinets from anywhere but I can't always find the perfect paint color that speaks to my heart. My heart leads when I'm decorating, always.

Maybe you are the same? Even when it comes to my wallet, I don't mind spending a little more on things that make me happy, even if it means saving up for them. That is why my next investment will be a home that I own so I can build the kitchen of my dreams. Fingers crossed. But until that day, I take pride in what I have and make my urban rental my own. One way I do this is to only purchase what I plan to use and love, but also things that I can see loving a year or two from now. I'm trying hard to be less wasteful when it comes to everything in my life, especially with material possessions. I don't need 20 bottles of perfume and 200 vases stored in my home, do I? But I do need functional objects in my kitchen that I use each day and enjoy, and if they are not cheap, even better - because then I will keep them for longer and they won't break and end up in the trash can.


This is why I love Danish design and always go back to it, even after periods when I get a little tired of seeing it, I return again and again. It seems the Danes have a keen eye for detail, beauty, all things natural, craftsmanship, simplicity, and functional.

If you've not heard of Copenhagen-based brand , then you have to check out their website and see for yourself how right the Danish do it. I have many Stelton products in my kitchen and enjoy them year after year. I given Stelton as gifts to friends for special occasions, my friend who recently bought her first home was gifted a copper , for instance. I know she will love it for many years and use it. I know it won't break in a month or even a year from now.

If you notice in this post, you will see my current favorite product from them - the Stelton Emma Pitcher. It was designed by Sebastian Holmbäck and Ulrik Nordentoft, who met while attending the Danish Design School. A decade after school, they founded their own design studio, HolmbäckNordentoft, and collaborated with Stelton to create products like the Emma Pitcher, available in gray and blue. The Emma Pitcher has a 50s Danish vibe but incorporates modern materials like stainless steel and a coated beechwood handle. I love how these designers have made this classic design fresh and new.

When I use the Pitcher at home, I like to place the optional top on it (made for refrigerator-use) and store herb-infused or fruit-infused water. My goal is to drink one pitcher per day now that I have Emma in my life. Today, I have mint in my water with some fresh ginger and lemon. Tomorrow, I may opt for raspberries and mint. This Pitcher if perfect for me to meet my goal to drink more water each day.


You can see in my kitchen, complete with my generic inexpensive cabinets, what happens when you mix in well-crafted and beautiful things to your interiors like Stelton products, the overall look goes from budget to personal and even a bit classy. Plus, these iconic brands make an impression on you and your guests each time you use them. They just feel better. People notice them when they visit, and you can tell them a little about them. In some ways, it's the difference between owning a fancy car and very inexpensive, no-frills car - the fancy car gives you a lot more to talk about - not brag, just to discuss. I like that about owning nice things.


It's not about showing off, because my friends know me better than that anyway... But it is about showing that you care about having a few good pieces because they make you happy to just own them and share them with guests, too. I also like having some things that not everyone else has. If it sounds pretentious, well fair enough. But being pretentious is to pretend you have something better than you really do. But if you DO have good things and you're not pretending, then you are not pretentious are you? You just like what you like and quality, long-lasting pieces come with a price. They don't have to be expensive, but they also won't be from the dollar store. The older I get, the more I require good products in my life. I don't want to be surrounded by things that break easily or end up in the trash in six months. Quality over quantity wins.


 Shown above from Stelton:

  • , in gray (on counter)
  • , large (on shelf)
  • , medium (on counter)
  • , gray (on counter/shelf)

On my wishlist from Stelton:

More because 4 isn't enough, a  and the  - would love to start making coffee at home like this vs. using the Nepresso.

For a limited time, you can WIN the #EmmaPitcher by signing up for the Stelton newsletter (wait for the pop-up in the lower right).

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a view of my kitchen and these products that I love so much.

Psst: Need some Kitchen inspiration? Here you go: , , .

(Note: This post has been sponsored by Stelton, a friend of mine for several years who is very supportive of cattledogs and the work that I do. It's through occasional sponsors like Stelton that I can keep working full-time in a creative profession that I love, support my family, and keep cattledogs ad-free. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I only review what I own, use and love.)

Home Tour: Nordic Simplicity

Hi guys! Would you like to see another home tour I've shot this month for cattledogs? It’s and I'm back with my  installment. Did you love last month’s black and white home? Well this time around, I have more Nordic interior inspiration, with a touch of colour dotted throughout. I hope you enjoy touring the home of Jessica Peters, the owner of the online interiors boutique . Let’s go!

After a long and tiring house hunt, Jessica Peters and her husband Olivier Tardieu fell in love with the historical appeal of their 92m2 Amsterdam home. Majestic, authentic door frames leading out to an elegant closed verandah with quaint window frames and original stained glass were some of the details that caught the couple’s eye, just enough for Peters to see through the uninspiring wall colour, lack of flooring and less than ideal kitchen and bathroom. “It was so basic that there was room to make it ours - and the moment I saw the house I thought, ‘this is perfect.’”

The fine art black and white photograph perched on the fireplace is a personal favourite, displaying a set of open windows. “It feels as though it gives the room an open, airy quality. It is very hard to find authentic, easy, simple pieces to put on your walls, so I’m glad I found it,” she says.

The couple began renovating the home in stages, starting with the kitchen. They wanted a live-in kitchen central to the main living area to bridge the living and work spaces. Offsetting their home’s historical architecture, they chose a sleek, minimalistic kitchen with plenty of storage in the centre island so that the walls would be free of cabinets and the space would remain open. Being a classic ‘Pijpenla’ home (which means a narrow drawer-like home typical to Amsterdam), the middle of the house is very dark but large windows infuse each end with light, so keeping the kitchen as sleek as possible was important to ensure the natural light in the space was not compromised.

“I wanted the kitchen to be a real piece of furniture in the living room. We chose an elegant design. Everything is very slender, which I feel corresponds with the stained glass, narrow window frames of the verandah, and the original details.”

In the space of three months the couple changed the entire layout of their home to end up with the current design. In the initial layout, the bedroom was where the bathroom now is, and the kitchen is what is now the bathroom. Rethinking the layout and centralising the kitchen meant the couple had gained the space for a large family bathroom, which they realised three years into owning their home. “We were young and were on a very limited budget as I began studying shortly after we bought the house,” Peters says.

With a keen eye for Dutch design and a love of the Scandinavian decorating ethos that relies primarily on light and furniture basics, Peters has infused their historical home with “a fresh mix of design items and basics, old items and new.”  Starting her nearly 3 years ago inspired Peters to give her home a fresh new look, but she also draws her inspiration from blogs. “I love to read home tours and peek into the homes of real people, as well as what designers (Dutch in particular) are doing and their style,” she says. “There’s something about the Dutch design style - such as that of and - that I love. Perhaps it’s their use of colour. Their designs are fairytale like, whimsical and lighthearted, whereas Scandinavian style is more basic and solid.” Striking the perfect balance between the two styles is something that Peters aims to achieve in her own home.

Keeping the look evenly distributed throughout each room is how Peters maintains the natural flow of her home. “I try to balance out the use of colour and materials in my home,” she explains. “I try to make sure that pieces and colours correspond with one another in the space.”

When it comes to colour, Peters prefers to layer in increments through accessories, keeping the base neutral. I am non-committal when it comes to colour,” she explains. “I use authenitc styles, colours and muted tones so I don’t get bored.” Peters adds shocks of colour through art that can be easily replaced, florals and accessories such as cushions. “I still love the red lamps above the kitchen island. They are really fresh, being the only shock of colour in the room.”

Pieces that trigger an emotional response are a sure to make their way into the shop owner’s home. “When I see something that I feel has a poetic quality, I buy it. I like to collect small items that were handed down with a story attached to them.” While key pieces are brought in for their basic quality, Peters enjoys filling her home with quirky treasures that add personality. “I get bored easily, so it would need to be a very special item for me to keep it,” she says. “I prefer collecting little special knick-knacks, which I find at flea markets and more special boutiques.”

What do you love most about Jessica Peter’s home? Do you feel like packing up and moving to Amsterdam, or what? 

See you back here in April with another gorgeous home tour! - Holly

(photos/text )


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